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  1. Mally365


    And thank you for accepting me into your community! Already I am making some decent friends. I hope that we all get to grow closer and grow as a squad more.
  2. Mally365


    Hello! My name is Mally (Mal-ee). I am brand new to Playstation 4. I have a rich history on Xbox Live when it comes to gaming communities. I started several years ago on Halo: REACH as a private in KSI United. I never exceeded that rank in KSI United until DBD GUTS was created. In DBD GUTS, I rose to the rank of Co-Founder in the Division of the Hell Jumpers. After a few years, DBD GUTS fell, just like all communities do. Since the fall, I have tried creating new clans/communities, only to discover that my time is usually wasted on a fools errand. I may be a leader by nature, but in the real world, I am not fit for leading in any clan any more. The Xbox ONE brought forth new challenges in raising a community, not to mention maintaining one. due to personal preference, I chose to deliver myself from the confines of a feature based gaming console. So I left Xbox. To escape the fierce drama of clans and communities, in hope to meet new gamers on a new console. My rich history in clans includes that I revived several dead squads from inactivity to multiple squad splits. I have also never been blacklisted or DNH'd from any clan/community. I would like to meet some new gamers on Playstation 4, and actually get involved in a squad as a low ranking member. Nothing more. I have many life events taking place that will prohibit me from ever climbing up in rank. So, if you are reading this introduction, it is nice to meet you! Please send me a friend request on PS4, my PS ID is: Mally365. I do not have a mic yet, nor do I have PS+, but I will. I'm simply waiting for my next pay check. I only ask that you be 16+ when you befriend me. I have a hard time relating to 12 year olds when playing a Mature rated game. Chow!