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  1. KSI GlitterMoon

    If you could..

    Oh I like that thoughts. Defy something to think about it
  2. KSI GlitterMoon

    Why did you join KSI?

    Well I joined cause I found this website. I kept reading over the info and watching what was going on. Then I finally put in my app to join and waited. I been excited ever since. I love it. I love making new friends and working hard to rank up.
  3. KSI GlitterMoon

    Beer n tequila

    none. I like my fireball XD
  4. KSI GlitterMoon

    Favourite Pokémon Game?

    sun and moon
  5. KSI GlitterMoon

    What is your favourite animal?

    Horses Horses <3
  6. KSI GlitterMoon

    If you could..

    If you could choose to live in a anime, what anime would you chose? why? I would choose Naruto to be honest, why? Cause Naruto is and always will be a great anime. Being a ninja looks amazing!
  7. KSI GlitterMoon

    Code Geass

    Yes I agree it was very good. Very original on there ideas. HOWEVER it got boring in parts lol.
  8. KSI GlitterMoon

    Sword Art Online or Tokyo Ghoul?

    While they are both are good ones. It is hard to choose cause I enjoy them However Ill say SAO Forever <3
  9. KSI GlitterMoon


    Yes death note is very good. It was defy different and pleasing to watch. However they could have had abit more action as someways it got boring, I think anyways.