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  1. KSI Viktory 7

    Cuddly's back

  2. KSI Viktory 7

    What does KSI mean to you

    I'll throw my perspective at this. So I originally joined KSI at the end of 07. I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and I was 16 at the time. Was super excited to play with some friends both IRL, and through a bunch of groups and websites I was apart of. I really wanted to get right into Halo 3 online and try to be the best I could be. In the process of doing this I ran into a lobby full of KSI Players. Being ignorant of clans in general, they seemed like nice guys. Having fun, pleasantly not **** talking in the lobby lol (Very rare before much of gaming has swapped into private parties and quiet lobbies). We started chatting and they invited me to join. Gave me the run down, had me sign up here on the forums, change my profile. The whole deal. And I instantly felt like I was somewhere I belonged. It took me awhile to adjust to the pace, but once I got a feel for it I moved up the ranks quickly. Constantly trying to help, played with everyone I could. My friends list basically filled up within 4-5 days of joining. 100 Friend limit on 360 was a joke. I was tempted to get another account just to keep adding people and playing with them often. I moved up the ranks rather quickly, and before I knew it I ran my own Squad. And shortly before I left I had made it to Co-Founder. When I left KSI to join another community, I did so with the people in my Division who wanted to replicate the best parts of KSI without the nonsense. I think what I've realized about KSI, and what it means to me now is that while the people are important and they can influence your decisions and the bond you share; it's really about the community itself being able to bring each other together, and keep you coming back. Even if the people you started with have moved on, there is always someone new coming into your squads. Always a new challenge, new opportunities. There is a sense that over time, no matter who is in charge, or how things have changed. One thing about KSI has always stayed the same, and that's a feeling of home. People will always come and go, and those relationships can have meaningful impacts for the rest of your life. But the community never really dies. It's more than just a gaming group. It's a constantly evolving family. And people never really leave, they'll always be remembered. Names of members and leaders of old always have relevancy. Big events are always retold, people who made a difference always acknowledged. Personally, for myself right now I am going through some tough times. I can remember countless other times where life has been difficult while I have been in KSI. And KSI has always stood there for me as a beacon of continuity and strength. KSI helps me focus, keeps me strong, and reminds me that the core values of Knowledge, Strength and Integrity will always help myself and others persevere. KSI is my family, and it is my home. And even if we come and go; KSI will always be there waiting. I know there are members who still visit, watch what's happening from outside. You all have a place here, and we implore you all to come home, and remember we're always going to be there for you. Through the good times, and the bad.
  3. KSI Viktory 7

    KSI Recruitment Contest

    This thread is outlining the current recruitment contest going on. As was posted in Discord, here it is below;
  4. KSI Viktory 7

    Application for Education Director

    Viktory 7's Education Director Application I've been involved in education inside of Gaming for a long time. In KSI, I've taught dozens of different workshops ranging from Recruitment, to Orientations, individual rank guides, and Leadership Skills. I've had a large hand in the development of membership culture in this iteration of KSI both in FG and some of the foundation decisions since the split. Outside of KSI, I used to run a defunct forum website for TCGplayer.com, teaching members the value of individual card games and their strategies, as well as providing younger players the means and knowledge to improve as players and people using skills that correlate between Gaming and Life. In my profession, I have been a Sous-Chef for about 6 years. In that time, it has been my responsibility and passion to develop well over 150 cooks, kitchen staff and serving staff on the fundamentals of food and the art of cooking. The average trainee I spend 2-3 months developing the necessary skills to be able to apply to their position, or fine-tune their preexisting skill sets to fit the needs of the Owner/Employer. I utilize my own extensive knowledge and prepare a training package to suit the individual needs of said trainee, and put them on a path to success. I have tutored throughout my educational path, I have worked with ECE workers in my culinary career to help teach children to cook, as well as help develop my own style of teaching from their own experience and advice. Adaptability, articulation, patience and creativity. I don't feel that simply knowing enough, or regurgitating information really gets things across. Nor do I think be able to write out highly stylized curriculum or workshops is really enough. A teacher needs to be adaptable to the need of their students, develop styles for everyone to succeed as best as they can, push the learning curve to a higher potential. Not everyone can succeed but you must adapt to raise the standards overall. This leads to creative solutions and constantly innovating your own craft as an innovator. An instructor must be creative in order to get more from their trainees or students. They cannot fall into the trap of thinking everything always works one way, or that there aren't multiple paths to success. Being able to articulate your message both verbally and through the written word is critical to maintain a higher standard of education, and to raise that standard within your student body. This leads to being patient in your approach, to never give up too early to develop your students into successful leaders here and KSI, but more importantly in the wider world around us. I think that the most effective way of teaching is through interaction and by example instruction. While standard lectures, and workshops have their uses on topics that are technical based have an invaluable place in Education, I truly feel that getting down into the actual mechanics of a topic, showing examples and demonstrating the skill is what really shines for most people. Being able to replicate a subject such as recruitment so a member here can not only see the basics applied, but also how to approach someone, how to keep them entertained through the process (as an example) really gets people to open their minds to be more receptive of approaching difficult topics, especially in KSI where there are some many channels of info and regulations the average member might not be used to. There are numerous things the Education Department can offer KSI as a whole. Outside of the obvious Leadership Skills and Community material it can teach, it also allows us to approach educating members on numerous topics unrelated to the community at all. Take for example Thymine's ongoing Website Coding workshops. It does not necessarily have a place within the community needs, but it does relate to the community on a fundamental level, taught by someone with the professional skill otherwise unobtainable through traditional means. It provides the community with a wealth of resource to keep members entertained, integrated, and invested in the value KSI offers it's members on numerous fronts, and not just gaming. That's paramount to building a larger community that develops into more than just a large Xbox 360 clan as we were in our "heyday" It also offers a largely standardized, and regulated group of people with a defined culture and purpose. The department being able to integrate so fluently into all aspects of our infrastructure creates more opportunities for rapid growth and development. It offers things we don't currently have the resources for or the personnel to keep it going. I think Education is really a fast track to developing a unique online group that offers something no one else can; A Learning based community. I have a wide variety of experience both here in the community and outside of it. I’ve been an integral part of various restaurants and catering company’s over the past 6 years, helping run their staff and building their teams. I’ve been a part time martial arts instructor in my past when I was actively pursuing my belts, helping to organize the dojo on a class by class basis. Run them through drills, workout regiments and even helping them break down their dietary needs and help adjust them to better suit an active lifestyle. In KSI I have ran FG I believe successfully for a period of 7 months earlier this past year, as well as been a member of the current Board of Operations. Throughout my time here I have climbed the ranks from Private to General at least 3 times each. As well as been Divisional Staff twice. In BT’s KSI before the split I was an active member of two departments as well as help develop the HH groups for PlayStation 4, as well as lead the Destiny team at one time. For a Forum Website for TCGplayer, I ran their community liaison program with other hobby forums, actively arranging events and community rivalries; and moderator programs with an active goal of positively building a member culture. Along with cleansing out bot accounts, hard removing spam and caches from their archives, I also had a heavy hand in member accountability, dealing appropriate punishments for offences of all kinds, as well as helped push their business aspect of the community that still exists today. I believe I would be good for this position based on my past experience as a leader and teacher; an intimate understanding of this community, both past and present; someone who is forward thinking and highly organized. I also firmly believe that myself and Leadership are on the same page when it comes to the development and roll out of this department. As a former Senior Leader, I was made aware of the needs this community has and have been apart of helping build that now for some time. I know the expectations and vision for KSI that was outlined to me post-split. That’s the KSI I would like to see as well. I am willing to work as hard as possible to achieve that, and am prepared to take on a massive project with the direct aim to build a functioning Education Department that integrates into the community at all levels, and brings a sense of standards that this community has the potential to maintain. I have been in KSI since December 2007, with 4 distinct stints both here and in Fuzzy’s KSI. Highest rank I have achieved is Division Leader. I am currently ranked a 4th Captain in Integritas. Conflict Resolution – Gamers have routinely struggled with properly dealing with confrontation since the onset of Online Gaming. Whether it’s a symptom of Net Culture or just society in general, every member at any position in this community needs to be trained to manage confrontation, and violence in a safe, productive and respectful manner. Most issues that arise can be effectively eliminated by simply understanding how to engage one another when things become heated. Actively defusing and reneging these scenarios will help with everything from recruitment to retention. Member Retention at the Squad Level – Recruitment constantly gets phrased when it comes to growth, but members seem to struggle when it comes to dealing with fluff and inactivity. Retention should be a mandatory course for any Officer starting at Lieutenant. Retention speaks to the culture of the community, and how the health of a squad or division is doing. When retention is high, member activity spikes. When it is low, then you have groups within your community that are splintering or just losing motivation and activity sputters. By the time a member takes over a squad as a Major or General, they should have a full understanding on how to deal with the current status of that squad, and it starts with Retention. The Education Director and the Department should be responsible for the list of things below; -Organizing an internal structure for the department -Monitoring Clan Operations Promotions/Splits/Merges to help pinpoint issues from a third party point of view -Developing a standardized Curriculum and Information Center for the entire community -Developing Workshops, Lectures, Demonstrations and Content for members to actively learn from -Working with the Divisional and Squad Level Staff, forming development plans for necessary ranks and positions to allow Training to be done in a time efficient manner without taking away from Squad Activity or Momentum -Creating Templates and forms for all Squad/Division Archives and routinely pruning them for useful information going forward -Teaching Real Life Skills related to topics relevant to the community -Actively running FTLA, OTP and providing content to the KSI Social Media -Developing Strategies for Community Improvement and Crisis Scenarios -Recording a full and proper KSI History and Internal Affairs -Evaluating Member Satisfaction and working with Leadership to make decisions for community standards
  5. KSI Viktory 7

    KSI Cooter 7 - where’s the OG’s at?

    I don't know that you'll find too many of those left, my dude! Glad to see you though!
  6. KSI Viktory 7

    The Best PC Game?

    I'm going to write in Cities: Skylines. Hard thing with this type of poll is are we talking current or all time?
  7. KSI Viktory 7

    What game(s) are you most looking forward to in 2018?

    Anthem and Red Dead Redemption 2 are what I'm looking forward to the most. Currently also looking at some of the new Free Games
  8. KSI Viktory 7

    What is your favourite Battlefield Game?

    Battlefield 1943 was probably my favourite.
  9. KSI Viktory 7

    Favorite NHL Player

    Erik Karlsson. Guy is a beast. Bobby Orr incarnate.
  10. KSI Viktory 7

    Favorite Type Of music

    I've been in a real Progressive swing the last couple of years after coming from a lot of Alt. Rock, Metal etc. Been really digging this album since it dropped last week