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  1. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favourite Pokémon Game?

    Yellow only bc i got all 4 starter pokémon and the others i could only get 1 unless u bought a code breaker or gameshark on gameboy color
  2. KSI Deadsh0t

    Marvel or DC?

    DC solely because i am a villains guy
  3. KSI Deadsh0t

    What is your favourite Battlefield Game?

    mine is based bc i never play the campaigns but mine would be battlefield 3 bc i played it the most
  4. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favorite PGA Golfer

    Ricky Fowler
  5. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favorite MLS Team

    hate american soccer it's so bad to watch u less it's team USA and even they suck
  6. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favorite Nascar Driver

    used to be Tony Stewart but i haven't watched anything this year since he's been gone so i don't know the field much
  7. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favorite MLB Player

    former players would be Ken Griffey Jr, A-Rod, Jeter current player would be... don't have one that i love to watch play anymore
  8. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favorite NHL Team

    Let's go Pens!!
  9. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favorite NBA Team

    i'm more of a favorite players instead of teams but if i had to pick one it would be the cavs solely because of being an in state team
  10. KSI Deadsh0t

    NFL team Favorite?

    Pittsburgh Steelers
  11. KSI Deadsh0t

    Favorite College Football Team?

    Ohio State Buckeyes
  12. KSI Deadsh0t

    KSI Global T Shirts

    ill buy oneand would pay anything for custom shirts as well
  13. KSI Deadsh0t

    NBA Dream Team

    just do cavs and warriors lol curry,thompson,james,love,green i would take irving over curry but that's bc im a homer