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    Team Equinox> UD Senior Director '14 Being the person I am I expect people to dislike and I love it. Hate means that you're doing something right. Its ok. I love you guys too.^.^. "If its a sin to do my job then why continue to ask me to do so and why am I here?" I'm the guy who had the awesome GT [Kirito of KSI] Hockey, Paintball, Hunting, JROTC Commander/Staff- Officer Rank Cadet Colonel- O-6- Army, Drink Maker *Twitch Streamer* *Team Equinox Creator*
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  1. Dead forums.

    Some of you guys don't see the full picture. You can't force someone to do something. You just can't improve the website. Things can't change overnight. No matter what we do or how we do it. People are either going to get on the website or they are not. You can't compare other communities website with ours. Yea, it looks cool. Yeah, it might be cool but to be honest. Where do you think those updates come from? Unfortunately, making websites is in the line of business and business is money. Updating websites and adding accessories doesn't come for free. I have a lot of experience with making websites and it's not that easy of clicking a button saying customize. Not saying that .com is poor. But when updates come and they will...I'm sure most of you would be the first to hear. Just be patient and bear with them. On the other hand, You guys say you want the forums active? Well make them active. We are a community. Just because members aren't active on the forums doesn't mean it's because of the forums. This isn't Facebook™ or Twitter™. You as officers or future officers are entitle to get people on the forums without necessarily forcing them. If the people of this community thinks that the forums are "Dead" then you are not doing your job and if you think you are....then try harder. If I seem a bit rude I apologize, but this is my opinion and I will speak my mind.
  2. HF General Chat

    Doing good. How about yourself?^.^
  3. Open game type squad

    At the end of the day it honestly just depends on the people. I've seen many squads thrive because their squad was an open squad, But they all put in the effort. They all were aiming towards the same goals. Of course you will always have those few people that do not want to do things that way. That's when you transfer them to were they feel best. Yea it sucks having to give someone your member but at the end of the day I'll rather give up a member to another squad/division then to see that person leave KSI in all. Having 2 to 3 open game squads in each division isn't going to hurt anyone. It gives people a chance to enjoy all atmosphere at once. And it would be good for new recruits if they don't know what game they mostly want to play. They can just chill were every game is possible until they decide or something. I say give it a shot.^.^
  4. HF General Chat

    Yo whats up just dropping by to say whats up^.^
  5. Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Goku or Kirito
  6. Gamer tag suggestions

    KSI Everlasting
  7. Why you joined KSI?

    Because my cousin was in KSI when I was 6 years old
  8. Heyy buddy ^.^ look who decided to join the dark side 

  9. It's good to be back.^.^