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    Love me some bf1, I'm into other games but that's my main squeeze right now.

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  1. KSI Hoedoor

    Freya Meeting Notes

    Host: KSI Hoedoor Date: 10/10/17 Attendance: -HoNeyBadGeR6280- JHUNTERL117- KSI GrumpyChees- KSI KingWillow- KSI MasterScouts- KSI Monaffal- whyyouknowlikee- Racept- SpringChicken87- KSI Hoedoor-- Topics: Discussed new recruits. Talked about 5v5 tournament. Talked about what things need to start happening for this squad to move ahead. Went over the LT and CPT squad roles and what things are to be expected of the positions once filled. Promotions: SpringChicken87-CPL-- Racept-CPL MongoPush305-CPL Tacomarunner07-CPL Member of the Week: KSI GrumpyChees
  2. KSI Hoedoor

    Freya Meeting Notes

    Host: KSI Hoedoor Date: 10/03/17 Attendance: Angel of Kaaos, Epic Unicorn831, HoNeyBadGeR6280, JHUNTERL117, KSI GrumpyChees, KSI KingWillow, KSI Whipple87 Topic: What's up Plague?? Just a quick breakdown of the meeting. Thanks for those who showed up. Epic Unicorn831 was promoted to CPL, congratulate him if you see him on. We will be doing our weekly joint game night with Eternal as follows, week 1&3 will be joint public matches. Every 2nd&4 week will be 5v5 skirmishes. More details when I get them. I'd like every member in Plague member to try and recruit at least one person a week. I know this squad is capable. All privates I will be trying to speak with all of you to get you promoted. I also want to see Plague members playing together, we need to focus and work on communication. We have alot of good players in our squad and we are far more effective together than against each other. Other than that keep up the activity lmk if you need anything, or if you need help with anything. Also hit the website and make your votes for the OTM awards. It's simple if you can't get there tell me or KSI Chaoticz 7. Promotions: Epic Unicorn831/CPL, KSI Derfs330/CPL, mastergamer8969/CPL Member Of The Week- KSI XxR34PERXx
  3. KSI Hoedoor

    Freya Meeting Notes

    Squad notes for Sunday Host- KSI Hoedoor Date- 9/10/17 Attendance- KSI Derfs330, HoNeyBadGeR6280,Angel Of KAAOS,GuArDiAn7603,killingyou223,KSI Monaffal, whyyouknowlikee,XxGrimSaVage2xX,KSI XxR34PERxX, Topics-10 new recruits this week. Touched on time issues with EU players,talked about recruiting process. I asked for problems members had to bring them to my attention. No real problems to discuss. Took votes for member of the week. Promotions-0 Member of the week- KSI XxR34PERxX