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  1. Clip fanatic competition

    Fanatic Montage competition MONTAGE LAST September 8th through October 8thtopic will be locked October 8th 12am Rules 0. One entry a month 0. 0. Can be of whatever you like 0. You can use upload studio, or your own editing software. 0. Don't know how to put music in with upload studio get with me. 0. Have fun. 0. If you use another artist music please say whose music. With posting the videos. If you use Upload studio it's good to download onedrive cause you'll be able to get a link easier.if you don't then you'll have to use Xboxdvr.com Xboxtv.com OneDrive.com Voting will be done by the productions team. 1st. 2nd. 3rd. Will all be put up on the twitter, and YouTube. With 1st getting a reward from AAP Clip Fanatic. Sign ups Gamertag- Division- Link to montage-

    KSI x Oblivious galactic sept 1st- November 15 military basic training yeah business that needs to Be handled make sniper major. split my squad. Haha my div leaders notified
  3. Galactic SR Meeting Notes

    Host- KSI x Oblivious Attendance KSI Cuban KSI HAVOK KSI Drum KSI Inavarro25 SummerSwing7474 Tyla Tanzions Theashcasper96 Cit3 D DeCiIMaTe Derpy hooves41 Eliquent Jamiemister11 Columbus94x Meeting: -Make Sgts work, ( Recruiting, adding members of squad tag, HOST GAMENIGHTS) -Sr challenge ( Gamenights streamed) ( Make community more exciting) -Tournament teams in the making Talked about officer staff openings Gamenights.

    I'm a king

    Hey guys how are my peeps
  6. Synthetic Reality Division Chat

    Couple of my guys had to vacate
  7. Money Vs Notorious

    Money Vs Notorious This fight right here could change the game as we know it. There is a boxer in one corner and a MMA fighter in the other. Both at the top of their game, celebrities, and kings of their sport. Something that has never been done or though about being done. This isnt the same as Lesnar going from WWE to MMA. This is history in the making. No one thinks a MMA fighter can stand in a ring with a boxer who is looked at as the best of his time. How did this all begin we all ask to ourselves. All of this leads to the biggest fight of the decade, and two of the biggest ego's in sports colliding. Something we haven't seen before. Will we see a crazy upset? Will we see Floyd play defense and win by decision? This is greatness before our eyes. Gives the viewers something we have all been wanting to see for a long time. This is sports!
  8. Limit Amount of Awards Shown

    But, bringing that back is why people are applying for there awards again they can see all them now. sorry we live in a lazy world where people get mad if they have to scroll a extra two seconds.
  9. Clip fanatac montage competition

    Ksi x Oblivious div SR Galactic link https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnzqqB2lsNs8gyN1FzFL645svdsf
  10. Limit Amount of Awards Shown

    Add a spoiler but that five only award shown was just bad... add a spoiler for everyone that way if someone is like I wonder how many theycgot they can click it but if not keep it how it is

    Hello, This is the squad chat for everyone in. INSANITY!!! so you insane people post here have a good day y'all
  12. Galactic SR Meeting Notes

    Host KSI x Oblivious Attendance KS Drum KSI WIICKED KSI RustyBucket KSI Cuban KSI BigTMays Hermit424 Greatcolt105970 KSI x BcRobin Pyromexican Weaboface Superpunchout12 Twiztedhavoc Tacosthebunny Xmpt3d Keaters214 Heyy it's Seth Fluffythe dwarf Keaters214 Theashcasper KSI Desolation KSI Inavarro KSI Foxxypooh KSI x Sniper1L9 Meeting notes Venting go up not down. Follow chain of command If it's someone you need right then and there. Go on Netflix take a couple minutes to your self. Decide weather it's a emergence or not. Give your cofo 24 hours to get back with you. Unless a blacklisted community gets with you. Do not break chain of command follow your chain. Talked about splitting the squad got that underway. Follow follow follow. Galactic SR co founder KSI TUBES 7 Major&gen training 8pm est Discuss meeting notes with officers get everyone on same page. Don't join Tsb Va Or blacklisted parties don't do it.

    Split split split o
  14. Synthetic Reality Division Chat

  15. KSI GAME 7

    Waste of a topic <3