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  1. I am fine thanks :) It was an interesting name, I just couldn't resist, haha.

  2. I shiver at the term "recruit" now. Boot Camp does that...

  3. I shiver at the term "recruit" now. Boot Camp does that...

  4. shhh be quiet nubamanjaro


    I love you too =]

  6. haha, i love eating, its my favorite hobby ^-^

    wow that sounds wrong ._.

  7. yeah i did... stuffed myself stupid :P

  8. Terribly sorry to hear about your fiancee, my dad died of cancer so i SOMEWHAT understand what your going through, although its probably difficult dealing with a fiancee, different kind of love and feelings than a parent. Well, best of luck to both of you.

  9. *pop* goes the comment cherry =D

  10. I love u too genie =D

  11. Pop goes the comment cherry O_O :P

  12. Hey FAT FACE O_O


    Love you like a bro null...the annoying younger brother -.-

  13. I popped your comment cherry :0


  14. helooooooo nurse :P

    sorry, im mega bored :D

  15. I will leave...*dramatic music*... the second comment O.o , hi CHARM, i dont know you but i bet ur awesome if jade angel likes you ^.^


  17. ooooh snap, i forgot about the maidens logo >.< i have so much crap piled up :( all the analysts, ALL the analysts, want sigs from me, i got DR Graphics, Underground Graphics, and KSI Designs to do >.<, but i will get it done as soon as i can =)