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  1. KSI SwiftFury82

    Freya Meeting Notes

    I thought it was 5 recruits a week? It changed to 2?
  2. KSI SwiftFury82


    WOuld be nice to add support for Tapatalk. Tapatalk in a well known plugin which allows you to browse forums from an android or apple from from within the application. I have provided the link bellow for the plugin for this forum which runs IPS. https://www.tapatalk.com/ https://www.tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php
  3. KSI SwiftFury82


    I think we need to tone down on signatures. Every post seems spanned with multiple signature images / awards and it makes it real hard to scroll and read the topics. It even looks worst on mobile! Maybe set it to 1 image only. and 300x300 or something. They are just to big right now..
  4. KSI SwiftFury82

    WiFi Exploit

    Be aware anyone using WiFi devices are at risk for the brand new SERIOUS exploit. It's a WPA2 exploit and allows your personal info to be hacked including CreditCards, websites you goto, and personal information! Demand your manufacturer of your devices release upgrades ASAP! https://www.krackattacks.com/
  5. KSI SwiftFury82

    Game night

    Should post other zones too. Such as CST
  6. KSI SwiftFury82

    Squad subforums

    I tend to agree. Sub forums would be good. This way there can me multiple posts on things such as meeting notes. I don't see why we need to garble all the meeting notes in 1 super long topic. It should be an individual topic for each meeting.
  7. KSI SwiftFury82

    Signature Testing

    Ok thanks
  8. KSI SwiftFury82

    Signature Testing

    Testing Signature.. Well why doesn't my signature show up? It shows in my profile.. Bah!!
  9. KSI SwiftFury82


    Battlefield 1 stuff sounds good.
  10. KSI SwiftFury82

    New boy

    Welcome. Lets play some BF1 sometime