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  1. Come on who doesn't love this part? https://t.co/4q6qurwn7L

  2. My newest piece from my home girl Angie. Of course it will look better once it's healed and I… https://t.co/XDUkDAUxry

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  4. I hope hubby gets mine

  5. When she's older, I got to put her in modeling! #futuregamergirl #mylove #sobeautiful https://t.co/7tx9QU0A1t

  6. Wish I had over 280 characters to tell you why I voted for @DashieXP in the #ShortyAwards. https://t.co/GTAmmKSYaD

  7. Can't wait to hold my nephew!!! https://t.co/ZXuBQuRcgq

  8. @BizzyBee187 @DBD_Forsaken_V2 https://t.co/yIwogivFW8

  9. @IllFonic Thank you for getting back to me but when do you believe it will be fixed? The same thing is happening to a friend.

  10. All I Want by Toad The Wet Sprocket https://t.co/kMlp8lmAEy I haven't heard this in forever!

  11. @taylorswift13 Legit how I talk to my cat

  12. @taylorswift13 Legit how I talk to my cat