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  1. ES5XB0Y

    Why did you join KSI?

    Joined to play Rainbow Six: Siege and loved it. Left due to lack of playing time and couldnt commit and now back as my gaming time has increased and hope to carry on where I left off.
  2. ES5XB0Y

    Which is your Best COD ?

    Any of the modern warfare titles or COD 4. Possibly the best cods ever made. A shame the remastered isnt the full multiplayer side or I wouldnt have come off of it tbh.
  3. ES5XB0Y

    If you had $1000 what would you do?

    buy a new wife. my one seems tempermental lmao
  4. ES5XB0Y


  5. ES5XB0Y

    Back again

    Looking forward to it. missed playing bf1, destiny 2 and siege properly as it seems i cant play with others as well
  6. ES5XB0Y

    Back again

    Well after some personal problems and also xbox issues I am back again. I am looking forward to grinding out some games with you all again. I am an avid destiny 2 player, but also play R6 Siege, BF1, WWII, Forza, FIFA, Wildlands and also dabble in Forza Horizon 3 when I get bored. I have recently bought a gaming PC as well and am slowly learning to play Counter Strike: Global Ops. But that is a different aspect. I am based in the Uk and am usually online most week nights from 20:00 when my little lad goes to bed. Look forward to hgearing back and sorting out some game nights in the near future. ES5XB0Y
  7. ES5XB0Y

    New boy

    Well im the new guy here. Met a few of you over the last few days and sure i will meet more of you in my journey here. I have ti say you guys are some of the most welcoming i have ever met in the gaming community. Enough kissing butt now. I am Ali, 32 and from the UK. I play Battlefield 1, Destiny, FIFA, COD, any Tom clancy game but i am always up for anything including Forza. I'm usually on in the evenings after work (if my darling 7 month old son allows) but weekends i am always free. Hope to see you all soon. Add me up on Xbox, mt GT is ES5XB0Y.