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  1. Hows the view from your new cat tree?

  2. KSI FM Rommel

    Battlefield or Call of Duty

    Whats your preferred game of the two? For me its Battlefield as I have found I prefer the realism of bullet drop and actually time delay for travel of various munitions. I still will play COD occasionally but haven't had the urge to do so in a while.
  3. KSI FM Rommel

    Beer n tequila

    Beer even then, nothing thats yellow though...
  4. KSI FM Rommel

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    My GT joining KSI was Rommel Afrkorps which the reason I had it that way was due to Im a big history buff and Erwin Rommel was a German Field Marshall who saw the trenches of WW1 and wrote a book of tatics that was read by almost every officer of the US Army in WW2. I myself own a copy of his book and found it very interesting. He may have been a top leader of the Nazi Germany military but he wasnt a true Nazi but a warrior who had humanitarian side with allied troops and treated them within the Geneva convention rules for POWs. He later was forced to kill himself due to being found in part of operation Valkyrie which was the failed assassination attempt on Hitler. Since he was a great officer I decided to continue on my GT with honoring him with so with help from KSI Izzy I decided to make it KSI FM Rommel, the FM means Field Marshall which I wasnt able to get when I first tried to create my GT
  5. KSI FM Rommel

    Why you joined KSI?

    I joined KSI about a month ago, saw a post on Xbox looking for groups about joining KSI for Battlefield one. I knew of KSI since my first online game I every played which was COD Modern Warfare 3. Got to experience KSI more so in Black Ops 2 which didnt impress me with how members handled themselves so I will admit I was leary with joining KSI. But I gave it a chance and grateful I did. I joined on 7/12/17 and was recuited by KSI Killjoy2002 and with a little help with KSI Sunlkitty letting me know KSI isnt how I remember some members I met in the past. After I got a couple days of experience with my squad (Rapture) I started to enjoy gaming with others again. In week two I decided to host a game night for Battlefield 1 and seemed to get on the radar of my squads general who since has helped me out along with the other officers and as of last Thursday I earned the rank of LT and Im looking for the future time in KSI as I plan to stay and be active with the future of KSI and remain a positive influence on new members
  6. KSI FM Rommel

    Favorite Country Music Singer

    PLEASE all these are terrible choices of the flashy poppy Nashville, its all about the Chief aka Eric Church
  7. KSI FM Rommel

    Worst Movie of All Time

    This is easy unstoppable....dont even get me start on that train wreck
  8. KSI FM Rommel

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    I would have to say my favorite show of all time has to be M*A*S*H