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    Gaming on my Xbox One X-Destiny 2, Halo The Masterchief Collection, The Division, Gears of War, Halo 5 Guardians, Games on GamePass, Games For Gold, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Stargazing, Reading, Enjoying what time I got left Smoke-Free & Alcohol Free since January 1, 2018! I spend my time Gaming even though I'm Disabled and Handicapped, mainly been doing things Solo, most friends either disappeared or don't game anymore all 6 I rolled with for many years are now gone! I enjoy Clash of Clan on Android and spending time with my Boyfriend, talking, laughing, joking & funny how life is weird I still got the young good looking hot boyfriend who is 19, in College another year till he becomes a CNA and I believe an RN and he has changed my life for the better! He has changed my life so much I am no longer the Beer Drinking-Whiskey/Bourbon Slamming mean S.O.B! Plus I am no longer 350lbs I am down to 227lbs, I'm on the cutting phase as Bodybuilding calls it and soon in a week I be on the Building Lean Muscle Phase, workout 3-4 times a week, cardio 4 times a week trying for 5 times a week! I'm back to see what's up and I know many will find it hard to believe but YES I HAVE CHANGED AND FOR THOSE WHO DONT BELIEVE IT, YOU CSN KEEP THINKING THAT WAY BECAUSE I DONT NEED YOUR APPROVAL AND CERTAINLY NOT LOOKING TO FIGHT SO KEEP ALL THAT NEGATIVITY CRAP TO YOURSELVES!

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  1. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    Why hello! I recognize that gamertag and remember seeing it as well many times, I like your post, it has no negative comments only positive ones and that's what I've wanted! But somehow along the way it took a turn for the worse! I too know where I come from and what I've done, seen and experienced! KSI has always faced outsiders who were former members, cheaters, modders, hackers, poachers, etc! I remember the days it was easier just setting it face to face in the top games and kicking their asses Everytime and it was settled! Now it's a total different thing! I commend and thank you for what you contributed to KSI! But what happened in KSI recently wasn't anything like before and in the past it was a huge argument who runs KSI from within the community! But so be it all I can say is it's a DAMN SHAME!
  2. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    Hello Paul long time so how's it going? It has been a long time, last memory I have if you was carrying you in Halo 4 in a Team Slayer match, I would send you a friend request but don't k ow your gamertag! On my topic I never said anything about what happened to KSI, it's obvious and these forums are proof of that! The real facts is KSI is no longer the giant clan it once was, these forums use to be off the chain, everyone came here! A Hundred members use to be on here at the late night, a few hundred we're on here during the morning, afternoon etc! Members were posting topics, talking, sharing ideas and posting minutes apart! I looked at all the pages and most haven't been replied to in years and months that's when KSI was strong! Regardless of everything I WAS part of the biggest gaming community on Xbox Live, that was when the numbers were 24,000 strong! A **** load of silver active members, however if the non active were on we would've been at 31,000+ that was my count I did in KSI back in 2009! Now it's less then 300 members in this KSI, KSIGLOBAL.COM, in the other KSIGLOBAL.ORG they are strong, their website is way better, members on it daily like how it use to be here! The future of KSI is over their and not here! That's a fact! Funny really, many of you will take this as negativity or just one opinion but look at what's happening now? Many of you say hardly anyone comes here, if that's true, why have a forums section? Should just have the main website page and history & other information! Never would I have said this but now I am the future is not what I would've guessed back then! Arrogance, Greed, Ego's and Stupidity has left the Original KSI in ruins! But your fighting and gonna really tell me your doing strong? What world are you living in and any other Hall of Famer who isn't part of KSI now would be pissed off and frustrated to what has happened! I would live to use colorful language but that was the old me! I just hope the Original can back to over 1,000 members or 2 Divisions then it be Strong! Have a goodnight and good morning!
  3. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    Plus I have no idea why that guy brought up my name in the chat earlier today! I don't want to come back to any gaming community I'd like to just hangout with KSI members but doesn't seem like that's going to happen in this branch of KSI. I did try and most of the time I did like being sarcastic, rude, using colorful language but this PG Era cant tolerate it! So I guess I will go and hang out with the Un-Originals instead, seems they are eager to know how I've changed! So I will say good luck and try to have fun rebuilding 1 Division from scratch that has to suck! Have a good evening! ☮️
  4. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    According to different KSI members I was right, so how did KSI end? Let me guess problems with Clan Ops and Web Ops? I'm not surprised and what most fail to realize is KSI existed before their was a website! However this KSIGLOBAL is the Original that I won't forget but it's no longer Strong like it is too be! If that were true I'd see so many posting every few mins in different area of the forums but not anymore! The KSI run by KSI Fuzzymeep is way bigger and their forums and everything is still pretty large and the reason most of them get along! I wonder why that couldn't happen here? That bs rank, ego's etc got beyond control and this Revamp I here is another way of saying The Original KSI Global was gone for a bit and strange how SE7EN 7 thinks about all this! Although I'm gonna hear his 2 cents don't matter but the fact is it does! Funny how Many of the other KSI members have sent me friend requests and not one from here has! Meaning no matter what my past still haunts me but too the others they forgive and forget it is a damn shame the Original hasn't!
  5. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    Well then it's pointless and wondering why it was posted on here! I will stick to this then! Because I'm not longer a member! From what I read it basically doesn't exist on Xbox Live anymore like it did long ago, which is a damn shame!
  6. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    Well damn all I asked was how is everyone doing and things went far from what I have asked! Seems to be alot of hostility something I use to Love to do with my former beyond sarcastic self but I asked no negativity and that was ignored obviously! From what I got I don't care about Rank, I could be a Super Private for all I care, not once did I ask to rejoin, I asked how people are doing and anything new! I play Halo, Gears of War collection, Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 3, waiting for 4, I play some Call of Duty not really a fan of Multiplayer! I did play the Black Ops 4 Private Beta, was a big improvement over other games! I might get it &who said I play 2 games? Well your wrong I play many different games since I have Game Pass, I don't know where the PS4 came into play when I'm an Xbox Gamer! Only games I would play would be God of War and maybe Horizon Zero Dawn other then that I don't like any of their games! It's my preference and all the games I Love are on Xbox especially having an Xbox One X and my nice 2018 55" Samsung Q9FN 4K Smart TV. Plus when it comes to all I've done in KSI it was more then 2 games I had in different divisions, I did things in them most never have but am I bragging about it? No I never said anything about it! So how my post became a pissing match among many of you, I have no idea! But nice of you Elderpooter too not say hello, you jerk! LOL! Once again without a pissing match how are you all doing?What's up? Many of you were children or teenagers when I was around in 2004-2011! Plus if KSI is now on Discord then why have a forums and from what I also read KSI did Die and got revived? Why not put on the website that KSI is on Discord as you said Crusader? Had I known that by logging on would've been helpful! So where's this Discord link?
  7. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    I've known I thought it would've be n said already but thank you brother!
  8. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    I've seen 3 different clans mainly on their who remind me of KSI back in the Halo 2 days when that was the only game in KSI when then we had 15-18 divisions over 500 members or more in each division and I was apart of The 1st HeadHunters team, we battled against XGC, MOB, STK, THE PROPHET SEEKERS etc 3-4 times a week in Clan Battles to see who was #1, we were always the Victor they were very good at poaching members, using team standby in Matchmaking but were complete trash gaming but badasses by talking trash we proved them wrong that's when I was apart of the 1st Firestorm Division led by our Founder KSI BLK GHOST 7, our General KSI SHOTTY 7 formerly known 2 Co-Creators and Hall of Fame Members, I miss being a GeadHunter can't believe it's been 14 years since then! Those clans I see recruiting in Force now remind me of the old KSI, minus the Politics bs and Rank bs I realized almost 2 years ago when 5 others and Myself tried to come back and help rebuild we were given so much of KSI Politic bs we knew it was a wasted effort so we left and the other 120 members we recruited in 2 we ks by 4 of us recruiting in Destiny and Halo stayed for less then a week and left! We were told we had complete control of our squad but that wasn't true! Other higher ranking members didn't like Me or the rest because of our past and tried telling us what to do, we told him we ain't gotta explain ourselves, you want the details talk to the guy who is your Master not ours and he got angry etc it was funny we laughed and said damn the new KSI ain't got a sense of humor jeez! The Policy of never leave a KSI member behind was not true because we were left behind BUT NO MATTER OF OUR PAST WE NEVER DID IT! So now just trying to say hello and only 2 responses that's pretty clear KSI is no longer strong anymore which is very sad all of what I helped do among the legions after I was gone is now down to this! I hope you all get strong again but recent event shows it's a sinking ship now!
  9. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    I use to see a fairly good amount of KSI members on Destiny 2, Halo, Gears of War & The Division but in the last 2 months I ain't seen one KSI member which was a good sign something bad happened and yesterday I spoke to a former high ranking member what happened and surely was a story and I was right! It was a difference of opinion from people who ran Xbox Live aka Clan Operations and The Website aka Web Operations but one thing I know is Clan Operations is KSI but now that also involves the PS4, PC & The Website strange how one day I knew this was going to happen and funny how it didn't happen way sooner!
  10. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    I see alot has changed so what happened? Thwtsbgood still doing the same thing, so does that mean your right wrist is super strong from all that pocket pool you been doing? Did you switch it up with your left hand? Just joking with you! Use ro be hundreds of users online now I see less then 10 users online, something happened, I'm guessing real bad between Clan Operations on Xbox Live and Web Operations on the website? Other then that I been doing alot better, still a very poor health in my body but on the outside and mentally I been changed drastically do to my boyfriend and soon to be Fiancee who has shown me I can change in so many ways! Tobacco and Alcohol Free, almost 130lbs lighter, attitude and thinking has changed in many ways more positive then mostly negative, still play strong on Xbox Live waiting for Forsaken on Destiny 2, Halo The MCC on the 1st, to see how I was 1 Gamer of the Halo Insiders Program! Spent many hours and days helping and contributing to fix the **** load of problems wrong with the game , to see what my hard work along with the legions of other gamers put in on the game on September 1st! Especially the Xbox One X Enhancements on my brand new Samsung 2018 55' Q9FN 4K SmartTv w/HDR10+ & it's sweet cause having the options of AMD Freesync 2, Variable Refresh Rates, Auto Low Latency, Game Mode etc makes it all worth it! Sounds like I'm a TV Sales Associate lol, this TV is pretty damn Awesome it be mine in 8 months through QVC using my QCard financing, 9 monthly payments is way better then 4 payments! Play alot of Destiny 2 but been Solo most of the other Gamers I spent years playing together have disappeared or simply retired! Only a handful I rarely speak too and most don't game much alot of YouTube, Amazon Prime, Plex, Netflix my Division, Halo, Destiny Teams are now gone it's sad but also very lonely I been doing Solo **** the last 2 months! I got tired of it and decided to make my way Home to wear it all started Halo on Xbox Live with KSI aka (HOME) for me!
  11. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    Nothing much just got done taking my pain medication and slept for a few hours and still around gaming as usual and how is it going for you?
  12. KSI C0LETRA1N 7


    Well to many I don't need to introduce myself! To the New/Current Members in KSI, My name is KSI COLETRAIN 7! I am a KSI HALL OF FAMER, I helped build this community I've had my share of Great Moments and Bad Moments as well, thought I'd return to say hello see what's new and what's going on in KSI! Figured it was time to see if I can maybe hangout or game with other members! Hopefully make some new friends! Please no negativity, their are some who still can't get over the past! That was a different person, different time in my life, that person is long gone!
  13. KSI C0LETRA1N 7

    Where's my OG members at?

    Hello how's it going? This is an old school member KSI COLETRAIN 7, KSIGaryColeMan, KSI INRAGED 7, KSI CUPCAKE 7, KSI FRUITCAKE 7so many gamertag but mainly just KSI COLETRAIN 7 was in KSI back in early 2004 didn't register till 2009-2010 told too by KSI BLK GHOST 7 & KSI SE7EN 7, been all the Clan Ops Ranks from Private-Co Creator when it existed but that was the old me the new me is much more in control, Alcohol-Tobacco Free now! So what's up everyone?
  14. Hello KSI been awhile but decided to update my profile and to say Hello, hope all is well and I will admit I do miss KSI