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  1. KSI Migraine 7

    King/Queen of the hill

    I have come to slay you in combat and take my rightful place as King haha
  2. KSI Migraine 7

    Display name

    What they said
  3. KSI Migraine 7

    Xxx or Marshmello

  4. KSI Migraine 7


    He's not in KSI. I denied his request in the join KSI section
  5. KSI Migraine 7

    What would you do if you won a million dollars?

    If I won a million dollars: I would first pay off all of my debt, get a new phone instead of a cheap $20 smart phone, and get myself a "new" vehicle. Once I had done that I would go out and get my Mom a brand new SUV so she doesnt have to keep driving used vehicle and have to constantly pay for repairs. I would also give her some money to pay off bills and such not so she is set for a few months. I would get my dad a used vehicle that is decent since I am the reason he no longer has his vehicle. I would then give a little big of money to my buddies dad who did a lot for me when I was younger. I would not do anything for either of my Sisters because they have chose not to do anything with their lives. After all of that: I would move out of my current place and find a small house to buy not to far from the area I live in. I would then buy a bunch of stuff for myself. I would buy a XB1X, build a new PC, stuff like that. And then buy 4-6 vehicles that I have always wanted. All while still keeping my part time job.
  6. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
  7. KSI Migraine 7

    Count to a MILLION!

  8. KSI Migraine 7

    Clash of Clans

    I know this is a "dead" topic but I play
  9. KSI Migraine 7

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    Back when I was 15 in 2010 I had joined this clan called Gaming International (GI) It was a lot like KSI in a lot of ways, except the forums, and the ranks were a bit different. It was the first clam/community I had really ever joined and is the entire reason I ever got into them. Well in GI, there was a handful of people I got close with. One of them happened to be named GI Pain. Well Pain ended up making his way up to Major so he became "Major Pain" Needless to say, when I first joined KSI there was a handful of us from GI in the division I was in. One of them was an officer in my squad and was shadowing me on how to recruit. Well what happened was just a week or so earlier I had gotten a slight concussion so I would get random headaches (I think you know where this is going) Well I was still a Corporal at the time so I didnt have KSI in my name. So my buddy is shadowing me on this recruit and all, and in the middle of it I am like "hold on, I just got a Major Migraine" And I just hear my buddy burst out laughing as i say that. He was talking about how we had Major Pain and now we have Major Migraine And my name has stuck since. I have been Migraine for 7 years now. All because of that one incident.
  10. KSI Migraine 7

    Favorite Video Game or intro to gaming

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PS2 That game was the bees knees back in the day. Still is
  11. KSI Migraine 7

    Where's my OG members at?

    I originally joined back in 2011 around the Black Ops 1 days. Was around for almost 2 years and then left. Now here I am several years later back again. Been back going on 3 weeks.
  12. KSI Migraine 7

    Count to a MILLION!

    69 xD