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    King/Queen of the hill

    I have come to slay you in combat and take my rightful place as King haha
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    What they said
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    Xxx or Marshmello

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    He's not in KSI. I denied his request in the join KSI section
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    Recruitment Process

    I made this for Xbox. May vary a little bit to PlayStation Recruiting process: Must be 16+, have a mic and WW2 Inform them that they must have/be willing to download discord, change their location and add stuff to their bio. Change their privacy settings so everyone can see their profile. join our club on xbox, sign up on the Forums and join the division's club on the Forums. Start off the process by reading off the COC. Express how if they have any questions/concerns while you are reading it to tell you. COC is found on the Information tab on the Forums. Go over the Squad ranking structure. Private-General. Explain how PVT is the rank they join in as. CPL is the highest rank they can achieve without a KSI tag, and SGT is the rank you become automatically when you change your GT to represent KSI. Explain who the officer staff is. As in who is each rank for LT-Gen. Explain how you are going to next put that in what we call a Uniform. Have them change their location to "KSI SQUAD DIV RANK". Example: KSI RAPTURE FA PVT. Have them change their bio to "Recruited by Your GT on Today's Date". Example: Recruited by KSI xMigrainex 07/08/18 Have them change their privacy settings to set their profile to where anyone can see. This is accessed via your profile, then hit "view details & customize" then "profile" and set the first 2 to everyone. This is so that everyone is able to see their profile and easily check on their uniform. Next you want to have them change their clan tag on COD to represent KSI. The 4 character clan tag should be all caps, and the first letter will be the first letter of the squad they are joining. Then the next 3 characters will be a shortened version of their rank. A example would be RPVT, where the R stands for the squad Rapture and PVT stands for Private. After you have set them up on their uniform you want to get them on discord. So you get their username and add them as a friend. Once you have done this you send them a link to join the KSI chat on here. If you can not provide a link ask a officer for one. Once they have joined the KSI channel make sure to put "Request role Squad Div Rank for Recruits name" in the Admin Request section.. Example: Request Role Rapture FA PVT NGN xMigrainex. When you do that, make sure you also put in the Squad's new blood section the recruits gamertag and that you recruited them and on what date. Example: NGN xMigrainex recruited by KSI xMigrainex on 07/08/18 That way we can keep track of the recruits. Once you have that done get them to sign up on our website which is forums.ksiglobal.com Tell them to use their GT when logging in so they remember easily. Once they have logged in and registered get them to request to join the Division's club on the Forums section of the website. When they have done that go to the Club on Xbox for your squad and once you have your recruits added as friends you can recommend them to join the club. Once you do that the Admin's of the club will get the notification and will approve them when they get a chance. And last but not least get them to add some KSI people on your friends list so they have more people in KSI on their friends list and welcome them to KSI. Note: KSI stands for Knowledge Strength and Integrity. KSI has also been around for 15+ years. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kcxxeb3rduvSHtPUFA4-947NVtEPxtd4hJA7zqI4GEw/edit?usp=sharing
  6. KSI Migraine 7

    What would you do if you won a million dollars?

    If I won a million dollars: I would first pay off all of my debt, get a new phone instead of a cheap $20 smart phone, and get myself a "new" vehicle. Once I had done that I would go out and get my Mom a brand new SUV so she doesnt have to keep driving used vehicle and have to constantly pay for repairs. I would also give her some money to pay off bills and such not so she is set for a few months. I would get my dad a used vehicle that is decent since I am the reason he no longer has his vehicle. I would then give a little big of money to my buddies dad who did a lot for me when I was younger. I would not do anything for either of my Sisters because they have chose not to do anything with their lives. After all of that: I would move out of my current place and find a small house to buy not to far from the area I live in. I would then buy a bunch of stuff for myself. I would buy a XB1X, build a new PC, stuff like that. And then buy 4-6 vehicles that I have always wanted. All while still keeping my part time job.
  7. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
  8. KSI Migraine 7

    Count to a MILLION!

  9. KSI Migraine 7

    Clash of Clans

    I know this is a "dead" topic but I play
  10. KSI Migraine 7

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    Back when I was 15 in 2010 I had joined this clan called Gaming International (GI) It was a lot like KSI in a lot of ways, except the forums, and the ranks were a bit different. It was the first clam/community I had really ever joined and is the entire reason I ever got into them. Well in GI, there was a handful of people I got close with. One of them happened to be named GI Pain. Well Pain ended up making his way up to Major so he became "Major Pain" Needless to say, when I first joined KSI there was a handful of us from GI in the division I was in. One of them was an officer in my squad and was shadowing me on how to recruit. Well what happened was just a week or so earlier I had gotten a slight concussion so I would get random headaches (I think you know where this is going) Well I was still a Corporal at the time so I didnt have KSI in my name. So my buddy is shadowing me on this recruit and all, and in the middle of it I am like "hold on, I just got a Major Migraine" And I just hear my buddy burst out laughing as i say that. He was talking about how we had Major Pain and now we have Major Migraine And my name has stuck since. I have been Migraine for 7 years now. All because of that one incident.
  11. KSI Migraine 7

    Favorite Video Game or intro to gaming

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PS2 That game was the bees knees back in the day. Still is
  12. KSI Migraine 7

    Your Top 3 KSI Leaders of All Time?

    I would have to agree with you in a sense of mentors. Top 4 leaders/mentors not in order: KSI LAZAR 7 KSI Roman 7 KSI Dr Doom 7 KSI Protocol 7
  13. KSI Migraine 7

    KSI xMigrainex

    Hello there, I am what I consider "old school" when it comes to KSI. I originally joined KSI back in 2011 about 7 years ago. I spent close to 2yrs in KSI overall and was up and down the ranks within the squad quite a bit. Being only 16/17 at the time I got grounded a lot and that caused me not to be on xbox for weeks at a time. I ended up leaving years ago due to personal reasons. I went solo for many years. I never really had the time to put into KSI or anything else until recently. Rejoined here going on a month ago and couldnt have come at a better time. I have always wanted to move up within KSI, and be able to make a name for myself and I am finally getting that chance. I have also always wanted to help get rid of the favoritism and the old drama from back in the day which i now have the ability to do, and so many other things. While I was out of KSI, I never quite forgot about KSI. It was always in the back of my mind. Even 7yrs later I still know KSI like the back of my hand. My goals for KSI are to help rebuild Rapture currently. When we get Rapture going and we split I want to help rebuild Fallen Angels. Rapture is currently the ONLY squad on the Xbox side of KSI. I want Rapture and FA to succeed and help rebuild the entire Xbox side of KSI. I am not all about rank, but I for sure want to move up within KSI and become a Senior Leader. Currently my goal rank wise I am aiming for is General. I have always wanted to be a General and only had the option once. Sadly it was short lived. Once I become a General my goal is the rank above it. One rank at a time, One step at a time. I plan on busting my butt and doing the best I can to get Rapture, and FA going strong again. I am currently a 4th Captain within Rapture with KSI PhantomWolf being the 3rd Captain right above me. Him and I both have very similar goals and plans for KSI and we think a lot a like. Rapture may be small and struggling at this point of time, but we do not plan on going anywhere. We will fight with everything we got to get it going again.
  14. KSI Migraine 7

    Retired Leaders and VIPs

    Interesting read.