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  1. Yeah dude there's a lot of them
  2. Favorite Sport?

    Football lol
  3. NFL team Favorite?

    Miami dolphins
  4. Favorite College Football Team?

    Alabama all the way. Roll tide
  5. G Gundam. But sadly it's not on tv
  6. Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Master Asia from G Gundam
  7. Anime and Manga Recommendations

    G Gundam Gundam Unicorn
  8. What Does KSI Mean To You?

    It's a family of gamers that want to help each other
  9. Gamer tag suggestions

    KSI Lux- prolly already taken KSI Seventh 7 KSI whatIsKSI
  10. Who are your mentors?

    KSI Huckleberry 7- has thought me the true meaning of Being in the KSI family KSI QueenPink 7- has showed me how to be a strict but easy going leader. KSI Izzy 7- how to separate time for my self and time for my sqaud
  11. New IT Vs Old IT Movie

    Give me your opinion on what IT movie you liked best. i honestly liked the new one best
  12. What is your favourite Battlefield Game?

  13. Battlefield or Call of Duty

  14. Post your scores and/or a story about your favorite Clutch,funny moment, or anything interesting about a in Game experience.