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  1. Yeah dude there's a lot of them
  2. KSI CloudJumper

    Favorite Sport?

    Football lol
  3. KSI CloudJumper

    NFL team Favorite?

    Miami dolphins
  4. KSI CloudJumper

    Favorite College Football Team?

    Alabama all the way. Roll tide
  5. G Gundam. But sadly it's not on tv
  6. KSI CloudJumper

    Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Master Asia from G Gundam
  7. KSI CloudJumper

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    G Gundam Gundam Unicorn
  8. KSI CloudJumper

    What Does KSI Mean To You?

    It's a family of gamers that want to help each other
  9. KSI CloudJumper

    Gamer tag suggestions

    KSI Lux- prolly already taken KSI Seventh 7 KSI whatIsKSI
  10. KSI CloudJumper

    Who are your mentors?

    KSI Huckleberry 7- has thought me the true meaning of Being in the KSI family KSI QueenPink 7- has showed me how to be a strict but easy going leader. KSI Izzy 7- how to separate time for my self and time for my sqaud
  11. KSI CloudJumper

    New IT Vs Old IT Movie

    Give me your opinion on what IT movie you liked best. i honestly liked the new one best
  12. KSI CloudJumper

    What is your favourite Battlefield Game?

  13. KSI CloudJumper

    Battlefield or Call of Duty

  14. Post your scores and/or a story about your favorite Clutch,funny moment, or anything interesting about a in Game experience.