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    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    I would like to attest to the case: Dear Judges, As this former member stated, his behavior was unacceptable and out of line. this member indeed was removed from FA due to being out of line and disrespectful. We have tried to move him to other squadrons in order for him to be away from people that tried involving themselves in situations with him. However Pxtr still found ways to involve himself in verbal altercations with members, in chats he would be "childish" and a "smart butt" which being disrespectful and making advances are two different things. former member is also known for creating SPM and poaching, although "SOME" members choose to leave on their own will. Pxrtr took it upon himself to taunt Reddog, Titan or myself about members leaving. Porter is a kid at heart but his past behaviors and actions to improve never fell through. I felt like bringing this up in his case just so you are all aware of what his history is like here in KSI. I am sure as Judges y'all will uphold the best interest of KSI and its code of ethics.
  4. What is the 2v2 SnD Tournament? It is an OPEN PLAY tournament in which teams compete in a Bracket of 4, 8, 16 or 32 teams in order to be the best Search and Destroy team How Does SnD work? A lobby will be hosted in the World League Custom Games, where 2 teams will be playing with a designated host chosen by the 'coordinator' of the tournament. Proof of the Score needs to be taken by anyone in the lobby and sent to #fa-events on discord. ALL CWL BANNED ITEMS ARE PROHIBITED. How Will It Work? All players will need to register on the forums where a random draw will be taken to make up the brackets. The coordinator will then announce the brackets once the registration deadline ends. If a team cannot make it or the bracket is not full a 'bye' will be given to the teams without opponents. For example, if there are 14 participating teams, 2 teams will receive a bye to make up the 2 unfilled spots. A bye is a free win into the next round. Stage 1 (Round 1) - Group State 16 Teams Play for points on the scoreboard. Stage 2 (Round 2) - Quarter Finals 8 matches with 8 teams, no byes should be given except for no show. Stage 3 (Round 3) - Semi Finals 2 matches with 4 teams, no byes should be given except for no show. Stage 4 (Round 4) Finals 1 Match with 2 teams. There should be no bye. The Map Pool will be either Payload, Hacienda, Gridlock, Frequency or Arsenal. All matches EXCEPT the Final are played entirely. The Final round is best of 3. All maps should be randomized except in the final, Map 1 is chosen by team A, Map 2 is chosen by team B, map 3 shall be randomized between the 3 remaining maps. How to Sign Up: Ideally, teams should have rosters to show who is playing on what team - MUST post on forums registration under the (Events & Tournament) section. Because this is an OPEN PLAY tournament, members DO NOT have to register subs, they can make last minute changes to their team throughout each round. (We only do this for this event to encourage other members within KSI to play). EVENT IS STRICTLY HELD FOR KSI MEMBERS ONLY. *Each event is separate therefore prizes might be included or not. If so the team that won in the final wins $20 ($10 each player). Winning players are those WHO PLAYED AND WON IN THE FINAL* Link to Bracket - https://ksixb1.challonge.com/2v2snd1 Registration Format: Team Name - Player 1 - Player 2 -
  5. KSI Heroiism 7

    2019 Madden 19 Season I (Starts JUL 8th)

    Team: New England Patriots Gamertag: KSI Heroiism 7
  6. KSI Heroiism 7

    2019 Madden 19 Season I (Starts JUL 8th)

    Madden 19 Season I: - Please show good sportsmanship - All players playing must screenshot final score and post in #fa-events - All players are required to play scheduled games, they can play at any time of the day before 11:59 pm ET. - Setting are default - Each quarter is at least 6 minutes long - All players must register with ONE team and may NOT change teams throughout the rest of the season. Bracket Link: https://ksixb1.challonge.com/ksinfl1 ---------------------------- Please use the following FORMAT Team: Gamertag:
  7. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Department Staff

    Last Updated: 06/15/19 Members of the Department: Community Manager - KSI Rivers 7 Dept. Lead - KSI Heroiism 7 Dept. Co-Lead - TBA Head Referee - TBA Support Staff (PS4) - KSI DRAMAMAMA 7 Event Coordinator (PS4) - KSI 7th Seraph Event Coordinator (XB1) - KSI x DaniWolf Referee (PS4) - KSI FALL3N Referee (XB1) - KSI x Falcons Referee (XB1) - KSI xTITANx 7 Referee (XB1) - KSI SynicalEU Referee (XB1) - KSI TACOS 1
  8. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Meeting Notes

    Hosted By: KSI Heroiism 7 Time: 6pm ET Date: 06/11/19 Attendance: KSI Heroiism 7 KSI x Falcons KSI x DaniWolf KSI xTITANx 7 KSI SynicalEU Discussed: spoke about blackout tournament - gathered feedback from members upset with no reffing staff, but fixed the type of lobby being held and rules to the tournament. spoke about implementing a brand new management system to Events & Tournaments. spoke about implementing monthly meetings with team to discuss tournaments and feedback from members together. spoke about the June/July event calendar and how we will add on to that calendar for future events - posting registrations on forums so its archived/documented for future purposes.
  9. KSI Heroiism 7

    June/July 2019 Events Schedule

    We have our schedule of events ready for June/July 2019. I have a quick view version of events this month, as each event comes up you can expect the host to make a more detailed thread about the plans and rules for the event, that thread will be where you can sign up for the said event. If you have any questions/comments or concerns until then please message me. Console: Game: Hosted by: Date: Time: Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 21 7:30pm ET Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 28 7:30pm ET Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 5 7:30pm ET Xbox One Madden 19 Fallen Angels Monday 8 7:30pm ET Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Monday 8 N/A Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 5 5:30pm ET
  10. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Meeting Notes

    Hosted By: Time: Date: Attendance: Topics:
  11. KSI Heroiism 7

    KSI Security X Awards Request

    I can verify 1 and 6 for him for being his Div Leader. He is currently in Redemption FA (R6). Also he has donated which I do have screenshots to verify.
  12. KSI Heroiism 7

    MLOA & MMLOA Policy/Section Vote Request

    Thanks Cru for the reply, just spoke to Security about it, our cms has a documenting feature where we can document those kinds of things. explained how it works when someone requests a form of LOA and how we document that with care and accuracy. Thanks!
  13. KSI Heroiism 7

    VIP Membership

    Yeah because, if member pay for VIP the costs of VIP will def cover renewal costs and other costs for installing ipb content.