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  1. Open door policy:: I have been a victim of one of your web ops member's code of conduct violation.  I am seeking to have him charged by the in-forum courts for breaking rules 2 ,4, 6, 7, 10, 11, & 12 while I remain in this forum. I have screenshots to prove the member's guilt.

    I am sorry you have to hear this.

  2. KSI Heroiism 7

    Meet Your 2019 Web Leaders

    The 2019 KSI Web Ops overhaul has brought forward some great new leadership. Congratulations to the following: KSI Heroiism 7 - Director of Web Operations KSI x Falcons - Events KSI Yogi - Stream KSI x Maze - Graphics KSI CH3DDAR - AAP It only seems natural to start off with KSI Heroiism 7, the new Director of Web Operations. Heroiism first joined KSI in 2017. Literally being promoted every week, sometimes less, he had a great start to his career. Restarting in 2018, Heroiism moved from Recruit to General of Judgement FA in less than 3 months. Not even 4 months after that, he was promoted to Division Leader of Fallen Angels. His leadership skills translated to Web Ops as he led the Events Team during the WW2 to BO4 transition. This even being noted when he was awarded KSI Member of The Year 2018. After Elder nominated him for DoWO, he was interviewed by The Board, then voted upon. Unsurprisingly, KSI Heroiism 7 was Elected Director of Web Operations on September 14th via unanimous vote. “For me he was the obvious choice.” -KSI Icespot 7, Operations Director. The Events Team, previously ran by Heroiism, is now under KSI x Falcons. He only joined in March, and already has an impressive record. His integrity, wit, and calm demeanor flew him through the ranks. In September he won Member of The Month, being 11 votes above the runner up. He’s currently a Captain in FA Leviathan, where he hosts workshops, gamenights, and the occasional squad meeting. Falcons kicked things into action the second he became leader this May. He met with his team and discussed the plan moving forward, including FA squad battles, Modern Warfare cross-play, Friday Night Doubles, and KSI Head Hunters. “My goal is to bring the community events that people want to participate in and will help grow the community” -KSI x Falcons KSI x Maze first joined Graphics back in January this year. She became the leader of Graphics on September 5th when a member said “So we are gonna need some power in these chats.” KSI Icespot 7 simply said “Maze is in charge now.” Since becoming leader, Maze has brought stability and productivity to Graphics. No request is left incomplete for more than a day, and all work produced comes out fantastic. “I’m so proud of the Graphics Team. Everyone has come together and helped out significantly. I couldn’t dream of a better team to lead.” -KSI x Maze AAP had a rocky start this year. When the overhaul began, a member was announced leader. A couple days later, that member was put on the DNH list for a slew of reasons. Left with no leader, AAP was put on halt. Fortunately , KSI CH3DDAR stepped up to the plate. CH3DDAR is working with his team to bring AAP to Discord. This has proven to be difficult considering the team was built for the forums. Everything regarding that is still behind the scenes, however you can be assured there will be coverage when the transition takes place. “KSI CH3DDAR is a great member of the community. He helps me when I understand something.” -KSI Hippocryte, AAP Team Member KSI Yogi saw the opportunity and went for it. Yogi joined KSI for the second time after over a decade this January. He joined Stream Team a couple months later. Members came and went, but Yogi stayed through it all. Come July, he was the only one left on the team. He took action by applying for leader on the forums. Heroiism saw Yogi’s dedication and granted his wish. The team, now under Yogi, streams nearly everyday (sometimes multiple times a day). Now up to 6 members, the Stream Team is healthy as ever! Again, congratulations and good luck to all of the new leaders! Your dedication to KSI and your teams are inspiring. We are all looking forward to the future of your teams.
  3. KSI Heroiism 7

    Video Games & Mental Illness

    In the previous article we talked about Video Games Helping Understand PTSD, this article will focus on how games, whether that be tabletop games, video games, card games, mobile games, and the many other outlets, are helping those with mental illness better handle the effects. As of today, there are more than 200 classified forms of mental illness, with approximately 1 in 25 adults in the U.S. who will experience a serious mental illness in a given year that interferes with or limits one or more major life activities. Struggles for some can be poor interaction with people, fear of public speaking, quick to anger, and even depression all of which can leave some unable to move or go outside and interact. Mental illness can also attribute to issues with school, work, and relationships. For example, someone who has bouts of depression may cause being unable to cope with the lows. This may then have them call out of work, unable to attend functions, or keep them from talking to friends or family. Other conditions can be affected by too many stimuli or unable to focus on any one particular task or subject. When asking KSI TACOS1 if he has ever had his job or KSI affected he claims, “My job, yes since I have ADHD I cannot stay focus and I love to talk which gets me into trouble and I end up procrastinating to not do the job.” Currently, mental health is handled with multiple forms of therapy including but not limited to placement of living, medication, talk therapy, and stimulation therapy. There are individuals who report that gaming helps them because they have to be calm and work through situations or allow them to be someone else like TACOS1, “Being on medication brings out forced feelings and emotions your brain is holding inside of you. Medication distract your brain from the negativity that you hold through stress and depression. So when you play a game, this game makes you truly happy and be who you are whether or not your day has been bad. It’s all because you can be transported to another reality and be someone your not for 5 mins to help you cope with day to day struggles.” People handle their mental illness by just taking medication, speaking on a scheduled basis with a professional or a combination of both. Video games can also help alongside therapy, for example, KSI ICESPOT 7 already speaks to someone in life about everything going on while video games allow all the problems to go away, “They give me a place to have all of my problems melt away. Instead of having to talk about what's going on in my brain I can let it all go for a bit.” Some games help the reward portion of the brain bringing happiness when completing a section, getting a perk, winning games, and even completing a game. Though video games may be shown to have positive effects because they offer a brief but repeated reward function to the brain which have shown in some studies possible issues. Recent studies have had issues with figuring out if the brain is changing due to the games or if there was an overreaction in reward centers causing excessive gaming, in some of those studies they claim that this can lead to addiction. When talking to KSI members most respond that Video Games have not impacted in a negative way. When asked how does KSI affect KSI Icespot 7 he states, “KSI is one of the few things that gets me out of the bed in the morning.” In 2018 the World Health Organization claims there is such thing as a Mental Disorder involving games. The generalized definition is “Gaming disorder is defined in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a pattern of gaming behavior (“digital-gaming” or “video-gaming”) characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.” This is a highly debated issue in the gaming community whilst most disagree it is possible that video games can have a negative affect. As time goes with gamers no matter the platform or method it will be a wait and see how video games affect the human brain and health. For the time being studies are still young and processing results for a proper outcome.
  4. KSI Heroiism 7

    September MoTM

    September 2019 was a historical month for KSI. Tons of recruits flooded into both divisions, even causing AR Awoken to split into Legion! In FA, the squad battle season ended with Babylon going flawless! Most notably, the Web Ops overhaul begun with KSI Heroiism 7 elected as the Director of Web Operations. With that, Achievement Awards Program (AAP) would like to recognize KSImrOsoFluffy of Atlantis Rising Integritas and KSI x Falcons of Fallen Angels Leviathan as the Members of the Month! Both members have shown avid enthusiasm and dedication to KSI. KSImrOsoFluffy is a Captain in Integritas. He’s said to be “an amazing officer and amazing role model for a lot of people. He is a recruiting machine” (KSI unitedmarines, AAP MoTM Nomination Form) KSI x Falcons, a Captain in Leviathan and Events Team Leader, won the FA vote by 11 nominations! KSI Packers7 put it perfectly, saying “Everything this guy touches turns to gold!” On behalf of News Team, AAP and KSI, thank you Falcons and Fluffy for your hard work and contributions to our community. We are looking forward to the great things you two will do for the future of KSI! Written By KSI New Blue (Senior Writer)
  5. KSI Heroiism 7

    COD Mobile Release: Review

    Monday, March 18th, Activision revealed their next groundbreaking game, one that no one expected, Call Of Duty: Mobile. The trailer promised iconic maps and gamemodes for multiplayer and even hinted zombie and battle royale modes. It showed off fan favorite guns like the PDW from Black Ops 2, Purifier from Black Ops 3 and 4, and the Intervention from Modern Warfare 2. The initial response from the COD community was surprisingly unpleasant. In addition to 7000+ dislikes, the reveal trailer comment section was filled with negative responses. The top comment, with nearly 10,000 likes, said “The call of duty everyone wanted but the platform nobody wanted” Regardless of the rocky start, Activision delivered the game first to Canada, India, and Australia on June 9th. Come October 1st, Call Of Duty: Mobile released to the world with 20,000,000 downloads on the first day. Also on the first day, KSI Qs, from FA Azrael, made the in game clan KSIdotCOM. I reached out to him for an opinion on the game. KSI New Blue: To start, thank you for your time. You are the owner of the KSI clan in game. What made you think to make it? KSI Qs: Thanks for having me! I was thinking that it would be cool to have a “clan” set up on a game like Call of Duty Mobile. We have both a PS4 and Xbox One division and can’t really play Call of Duty with each other but CoD Mobile allows that in addition to the new Modern Warfare game that is due to be released at the end of this month. KSI New Blue: Now that it’s been a few days since the game launched, what do you think of it? KSI Qs: Since I’ve been playing on launch day, the game has played very smoothly/consistently which is awesome and really great, especially for a mobile game such as this one. It’s rumored that controller support is being added at some point, which would be pretty cool, but at the same time would give some players an advantage over others. I have played a game on the battle royale mode to see how it was, it played alright I should say, ended up getting 3rd that game. KSI New Blue: What issues do you see with the game that could affect its longevity? KSI Qs: Like all mobile games, the hype will die and that’s what concerns me. How will this game be kept updated besides maintenance updates? Will Activision continue to support the game with new game content updates such as maps and weapons? Another is the micro transactions, Apple and Google both have certain regulations on them [micro transactions] that forces Activision to disclose the probability of winning rare or better weapons, etc. and that’s a big part of Activision’s revenue stream. If the chances of someone winning that type of item by purchasing cod points, I would be steered away from that. Go ahead and pick up Call Of Duty: Mobile for free on Google Play or the App Store, then request to join the in game clan, KSIdotCOM. Written by KSI New Blue (Writer)
  6. KSI Heroiism 7

    The History of 7 in KSI

    “What’s the deal with 7?” is the question I asked myself when I joined in February this year. I asked Ghost Rider2115, a recruit from Azrael, for a guess as to why certain members have a 7 at the end of their Gamertag.“Maybe that’s how many major games they’ve won?” While it’s a solid guess considering we are a gaming community, it’s not close at all. I then reached out to KSI Copper 7, the Founder of Fallen Angels, for his opinion. “It just shows that you have reached a high enough rank in KSI and you have earned it.” So who was the first 7? And when did the tradition start? I knew these were going to be hard answers to get, but there was one place I knew I could go, right to KSI Se7en 7. KSI New Blue: Well, first off, thank you so much for your time. Not every member gets the opportunity to speak with a creator. KSI Se7en 7: No problem thanks for the interview. KSI New Blue: So where did the idea to add a 7 to the end of a person’s Gamertag originate? KSI Se7en 7: We all met on Unreal Championship.Back during that time someone had to host a server for gamers to play on. Killingservice7 aka KSI Dead Meat 7 worked a lot, so he would leave his box on while he was gone. Myself and KSI SYRUS 7 approached him and we started to talk about building a clan and it was important for us to keep the community name as close to the server name so that we could recruit. Killing Service Incorporated was born, and the 7 had always been a symbol of leadership for generals and up. KSI New Blue: After 16 years of KSI, there have been hundreds of members that have earned the 7 in their names. Is there anything you would want to tell those people? KSI Se7en 7: Thank you all no matter where you are for the hours and hard work. Although at times, as trying as it may have been, you all earned that 7. KSI New Blue: What is some advice you want to give to those wanting to move up the ranks and earn their 7? KSI Se7en 7: Make sure you have great leadership under your guidance and build your division as large as you can. It is one of the most awesome feelings in the world to have a large operation that is well oiled and fine tuned. Since I'm not a 7, I went to KSI BIG JOHN 7, FA Co-founder, and KSI Chaoticz 7, former Founder, to ask how they feel about it. First, I wanted to hear the story of how they earned their 7. KSI BIG JOHN 7: I got my 7 back in 2010 in the division called Gorilla Warfare (GW) I got promoted to Founder then I changed my name to KSI BIG JOHN 7 KSI Chaoticz 7: I was a General of Eternal HF (Hell Fire) in 2017 and after a fair amount of time building the squad up with numbers, training, and a great atmosphere, we finally split and created Plague HF and I was promoted to the rank of Co-founder. I later changed my GT from KSI Chaoticz to KSI Chaoticz 7. Next, I asked, “What does it mean to you to have a 7 in your GT today?” KSI BIG JOHN 7: You have earned the rank of Founder or higher. You are a leader in KSI. KSI Chaoticz 7: Having a 7 can mean many different things to different people. To me, it means respect, achievement, and loyalty. I earned the respect of those above and below me at the time to receive a 7, I achieved my squad split and committed enough to the community to receive a 7, and I am loyal to KSI which is why I still have a 7 in my GT. While to many people the number 7 may mean luck, remind them of their favorite soda, or the number of days in the week, to KSI it's more than a number. It's recognition of talent, leadership, determination, and prestige. Thanks again to those who have dedicated so much to this community and earned their 7s. To those wanting to move up and earn theirs, good luck and keep pushing! - Written by KSI New Blue (News Team)
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  8. What is the 2v2 SnD Tournament? It is an OPEN PLAY tournament in which teams compete in a Bracket of 4, 8, 16 or 32 teams in order to be the best Search and Destroy team How Does SnD work? A lobby will be hosted in the World League Custom Games, where 2 teams will be playing with a designated host chosen by the 'coordinator' of the tournament. Proof of the Score needs to be taken by anyone in the lobby and sent to #fa-events on discord. ALL CWL BANNED ITEMS ARE PROHIBITED. How Will It Work? All players will need to register on the forums where a random draw will be taken to make up the brackets. The coordinator will then announce the brackets once the registration deadline ends. If a team cannot make it or the bracket is not full a 'bye' will be given to the teams without opponents. For example, if there are 14 participating teams, 2 teams will receive a bye to make up the 2 unfilled spots. A bye is a free win into the next round. Stage 1 (Round 1) - Group State 16 Teams Play for points on the scoreboard. Stage 2 (Round 2) - Quarter Finals 8 matches with 8 teams, no byes should be given except for no show. Stage 3 (Round 3) - Semi Finals 2 matches with 4 teams, no byes should be given except for no show. Stage 4 (Round 4) Finals 1 Match with 2 teams. There should be no bye. The Map Pool will be either Payload, Hacienda, Gridlock, Frequency or Arsenal. All matches EXCEPT the Final are played entirely. The Final round is best of 3. All maps should be randomized except in the final, Map 1 is chosen by team A, Map 2 is chosen by team B, map 3 shall be randomized between the 3 remaining maps. How to Sign Up: Ideally, teams should have rosters to show who is playing on what team - MUST post on forums registration under the (Events & Tournament) section. Because this is an OPEN PLAY tournament, members DO NOT have to register subs, they can make last minute changes to their team throughout each round. (We only do this for this event to encourage other members within KSI to play). EVENT IS STRICTLY HELD FOR KSI MEMBERS ONLY. *Each event is separate therefore prizes might be included or not. If so the team that won in the final wins $20 ($10 each player). Winning players are those WHO PLAYED AND WON IN THE FINAL* Link to Bracket - https://ksixb1.challonge.com/2v2snd1 Registration Format: Team Name - Player 1 - Player 2 -
  9. KSI Heroiism 7

    2019 Madden 19 Season I (Starts JUL 8th)

    Team: New England Patriots Gamertag: KSI Heroiism 7
  10. KSI Heroiism 7

    2019 Madden 19 Season I (Starts JUL 8th)

    Madden 19 Season I: - Please show good sportsmanship - All players playing must screenshot final score and post in #fa-events - All players are required to play scheduled games, they can play at any time of the day before 11:59 pm ET. - Setting are default - Each quarter is at least 6 minutes long - All players must register with ONE team and may NOT change teams throughout the rest of the season. Bracket Link: https://ksixb1.challonge.com/ksinfl1 ---------------------------- Please use the following FORMAT Team: Gamertag:
  11. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Department Staff

    Last Updated: 06/15/19 Members of the Department: Community Manager - KSI Rivers 7 Dept. Lead - KSI Heroiism 7 Dept. Co-Lead - TBA Head Referee - TBA Support Staff (PS4) - KSI DRAMAMAMA 7 Event Coordinator (PS4) - KSI 7th Seraph Event Coordinator (XB1) - KSI x DaniWolf Referee (PS4) - KSI FALL3N Referee (XB1) - KSI x Falcons Referee (XB1) - KSI xTITANx 7 Referee (XB1) - KSI SynicalEU Referee (XB1) - KSI TACOS 1
  12. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Meeting Notes

    Hosted By: KSI Heroiism 7 Time: 6pm ET Date: 06/11/19 Attendance: KSI Heroiism 7 KSI x Falcons KSI x DaniWolf KSI xTITANx 7 KSI SynicalEU Discussed: spoke about blackout tournament - gathered feedback from members upset with no reffing staff, but fixed the type of lobby being held and rules to the tournament. spoke about implementing a brand new management system to Events & Tournaments. spoke about implementing monthly meetings with team to discuss tournaments and feedback from members together. spoke about the June/July event calendar and how we will add on to that calendar for future events - posting registrations on forums so its archived/documented for future purposes.
  13. KSI Heroiism 7

    June/July 2019 Events Schedule

    We have our schedule of events ready for June/July 2019. I have a quick view version of events this month, as each event comes up you can expect the host to make a more detailed thread about the plans and rules for the event, that thread will be where you can sign up for the said event. If you have any questions/comments or concerns until then please message me. Console: Game: Hosted by: Date: Time: Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 21 7:30pm ET Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 28 7:30pm ET Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 5 7:30pm ET Xbox One Madden 19 Fallen Angels Monday 8 7:30pm ET Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Monday 8 N/A Xbox One Call of Duty: BO4 Fallen Angels Friday 5 5:30pm ET
  14. KSI Heroiism 7

    T&E Meeting Notes

    Hosted By: Time: Date: Attendance: Topics:
  15. KSI Heroiism 7

    KSI Security X Awards Request

    I can verify 1 and 6 for him for being his Div Leader. He is currently in Redemption FA (R6). Also he has donated which I do have screenshots to verify.