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  1. KSI Heroism

    Best Current NFL Player

    Airy you gonna hate me haha but I am a die hard New England fan for even living here in Boston. But Tom Brady is the man of it all. He has taken one of history's greatest comebacks in last year's superbowl.
  2. KSI Heroism

    Who knew about this.... !!??

    this is actually pretty sick i was some footage about it
  3. KSI Heroism

    Favorite MLS Team

    Orlando City S.C. even living up here in New England haha
  4. KSI Heroism

    Favorite NHL Team

    Boston Bruins !
  5. KSI Heroism

    Favorite MLB Team

  6. KSI Heroism

    Xbox 1

    its a bit confusing to use lol.
  7. KSI Heroism

    Fav games?

    All but nothing, My favorite game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3 GTA V Ghost Recon Series
  8. KSI Heroism

    Hot Fuzz

    Anyone here watch hot fuzz ? Funny movie haha
  9. KSI Heroism

    What do you all think of the new Star Wars movies?

    I think they could have made the end better to the last one. It was a bit to like same concept. Planet blew up like the death star
  10. KSI Heroism

    Gamer tag suggestions

    Hahaha nice. KSI WayPoint
  11. KSI Heroism

    Gamer tag suggestions

    What are some of your gamer tag suggestions. KSI TierOne KSI Awakens KSI Tomahawk KSI Nighthawk KSI Vectors KSI Merkel
  12. KSI Heroism

    Question in Regards to VIP

    Thanks airborn
  13. KSI Heroism

    Question in Regards to VIP

    If I do the VIP thing, can I pay the 4 dollars a year ahead ? So it's not charged every month ?
  14. KSI Heroism

    Favorite NBA Team

    Boston Celtics. So upset with Crowder and Thomas leaving but we are getting Irving. And with the new signing of Hayward.
  15. KSI Heroism

    Favorite Sport?

    Soccer and Football long live Manchester United and the New England Patriots