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  1. Mr E Alastor

    Website Layout

    On the menu bar at the top you have drop downs for the different options to highlight but not for Forums... I feel it would make navigation on the page easier if you had the following options to jump to under the forums tab: Community Division Section KSI Education Site Central Command News Graphics and Media Ect. I feel this could could increase the use of the website especially for the mobile user. Lets face it that is what most people will be going to. Also why not move the VIP section up to the main menu bar? This would get a lot more attention that way and could possibly even increase the membership from curiosity alone. The more you see something the more you end up wanting it.
  2. Mr E Alastor

    Destiny Bungie Clan (KSI)

    What would the layout be for the different squads and divisions? Can the clans be that big now pretty sure it is a 100 member limit?
  3. Mr E Alastor

    You're Never Alone

    Asking someone is always better then losing someone and wishing you had... Deepest thoughts and prays go out to those who knew the member.
  4. Mr E Alastor

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    Wanted something that appeared as one but had other meanings and alot of people I've talked to had dieties... So i thought of a name. Mr E. When said sounds like mistery and Alaster in Catholicism is the name of a demon that possesses people after a curse. Put it together and it's Mystery Curse.