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  1. Mr E Alastor

    Destiny Bungie Clan (KSI)

    What would the layout be for the different squads and divisions? Can the clans be that big now pretty sure it is a 100 member limit?
  2. Mr E Alastor

    You're Never Alone

    Asking someone is always better then losing someone and wishing you had... Deepest thoughts and prays go out to those who knew the member.
  3. Mr E Alastor

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    Wanted something that appeared as one but had other meanings and alot of people I've talked to had dieties... So i thought of a name. Mr E. When said sounds like mistery and Alaster in Catholicism is the name of a demon that possesses people after a curse. Put it together and it's Mystery Curse.