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    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Anime Recommendations by Genre *Yuri -Kannzuki No Miko -Strawberry Panic *Yoai -Junjou Romantica *Straight Romance -Plastic Memories -Sword Art Online (Look I know I might get crap for recommending this for romance because it's more a ment to be a mainstream action anime but the relationship between Asuna and Kirito qualifies this as a good anime for this category in my opinion.) *Action -I' m going to recommend Sword Art Online again for its excellent action parts to the anime. - Naruto -HUNTER X HUNTER -Parasyte -Tokyo Ghoul - My Hero Academia -Black Lagoon -Witchblade -Akame Ga Kill -Blue Exorcist -Claymore -Attack On Titan There are a lot more I like but I can't list them all. *Horror/Gore -Elfen Lied -Blood-C -Blood-Plus -Corpse Party -Another -Tokyo Ghoul is also horror/gore so I'm recommending it for this category too. -Parasyte has some gore in it but I wouldn't classify it as a horror anime. - Devil Lady *Comedy -Koihime Musou -Bento *Science Fiction -Time of Eve -Chobits -Accel World -Gunslinger Girl -Plastic Memories is also a good Science Fiction Anime so I'm recommending it for this category too.