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  1. KSI MusicFreak

    Dubs or Subs

    Subs are a must for me. Watching a Dubbed anime is just painful as hell to watch unless it's for comedic purposes because the Dub is so bad or because the dub is so different than the Sub that it's just funny to watch.
  2. KSI MusicFreak

    The Worst Anime List

    If you like yuri anime YuriKuma Arashi will disappoint you greatly.
  3. KSI MusicFreak

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Anime Recommendations by Genre *Yuri -Kannzuki No Miko -Strawberry Panic *Yoai -Junjou Romantica *Straight Romance -Plastic Memories -Sword Art Online (Look I know I might get crap for recommending this for romance because it's more a ment to be a mainstream action anime but the relationship between Asuna and Kirito qualifies this as a good anime for this category in my opinion.) *Action -I' m going to recommend Sword Art Online again for its excellent action parts to the anime. - Naruto -HUNTER X HUNTER -Parasyte -Tokyo Ghoul - My Hero Academia -Black Lagoon -Witchblade -Akame Ga Kill -Blue Exorcist -Claymore -Attack On Titan There are a lot more I like but I can't list them all. *Horror/Gore -Elfen Lied -Blood-C -Blood-Plus -Corpse Party -Another -Tokyo Ghoul is also horror/gore so I'm recommending it for this category too. -Parasyte has some gore in it but I wouldn't classify it as a horror anime. - Devil Lady *Comedy -Koihime Musou -Bento *Science Fiction -Time of Eve -Chobits -Accel World -Gunslinger Girl -Plastic Memories is also a good Science Fiction Anime so I'm recommending it for this category too.
  4. KSI MusicFreak

    Sword Art Online or Tokyo Ghoul?

    As the Taco commercial says why not both?