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  1. KSI.Karma


    I love me some pork ramen
  2. KSI.Karma

    21 Pilots -> Like or Deny

    I don’t mind 21 pilots, some of their songs are good some are ok. I think they are a pretty good band
  3. KSI.Karma

    Favorite All Time Game?

    Bo2 I sadly have over 1000 hours on that game
  4. KSI.Karma

    What is your favourite animal?

    Any kind of cat
  5. KSI.Karma

    Favourite Pokémon Game?

    Diamond and Pearl because it was the first game I got on my new DS and I played the **** out of it although I didn’t play ruby on my gameboy I just liked playing on the DS much better
  6. KSI.Karma

    Ability to Edit Topics

    Thank you
  7. KSI.Karma

    Ability to Edit Topics

    Same here I cant edit anything anymore
  8. KSI.Karma

    Destiny 1 or 2

    All of you guys bring up such valid points!!!!! Grrrrr it’s so hard to choose @Mizz Airy @KSI Packers @KSI Murderrr @Chaoticz 7
  9. KSI.Karma


  10. KSI.Karma

    Destiny 1 or 2

    Yeah I do agree that the story line is much better and true it is too early to tell. @KSI Packers
  11. KSI.Karma

    Destiny 1 or 2

    Personally D1 was a very very solid game but I would give D2 a little advantage over D1
  12. KSI.Karma

    Battlefield or Call of Duty

    COD is where my roots are so COD for me
  13. KSI.Karma

    Squad subforums

    Yes I agree with this idea. It would make the forums in my opinion a little more organized and there would be a certain place to do certain things. As of now there is just a jumble of things in the divisional chats and sometimes it’s a little much. Also, with the sub forums there would be space to put random topics. For example, polls on voting for squad things.
  14. KSI.Karma

    Anime Suggestions

    I honestly have no idea what to watch any1 got any suggestions?
  15. KSI.Karma

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Where is the love for assassination classroom??? 0.0