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  1. KSI Libra

    KSI Libra

    Thank you for the warm welcoming. I am trying to get involved with forums. Not much of a forums guy and I know thats one of the requirements.
  2. KSI Libra

    KSI Libra

    Hey! Yes you! The one reading this! My name is David. I am a new member to the KSI Community. I would have to say, I have felt quite welcomed into the clan by many! Thank you guys for the recruitment and I am excited to meet each and every one of you. About me?! Hmmm.. Thats a good question. Do I even know myself, well kinda. Im in my mid twenties and I love spending most of my time outdoors and playing C.O.D on Xbox Live! I love hunting, fishing, camping, etc.. All the outdoor things lol. Oh and spending time with my other half. Im a pretty cheesy person and you'll learn that pretty quick LOL. Siiikkkeee.. You really thought I was for real right there! You scoundrel! LOL. I have a pretty good sense of humor. I like to joke around a lot, so dont take everything I say seriously. Ive been apart of the xbox community for a long time. I took a little break from live for a couple years and now im back so I need to reteach myself a lot of things. I use to be apart of Gamebattles Staff back in my high school years and a little while in college. I held many positions with Gamebattles, Referee, Referee Shadow-er, Assistant Head Referee, Head Referee, Administrator, Forum Moderator, and Human Resources. I had quite the compassion for gaming back then and now im kinda re-introducing myself to it again. Well thats a little bit about me. If you have any questions, please let me know! Later! P.S Dont look at the picture below, you might go blind! LOL