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  1. KSI TT

    Why did you join KSI?

    To be a part of a community that cares for it's members. Not the numbers.
  2. You logged in more than once, congratulations! Day 2 award awarded :ph34r:

  3. Savage. I'm afraid too bahah
  4. I ban Calmatisosis for responding back to this post so quickly after a month of no-one posting
  5. KSI TT


    You have a cool name!
  6. I ban you. Because the power of these forums allow me too.
  7. KSI TT

    Favourite Pokémon Game?

    Crystal, emerald then yellow. I started on Yellow.
  8. KSI TT

    What is your favourite animal?

    Turtles man turtlesss
  9. First off, I am unaware of any technicalities about the CMS, and how or who created it. SO Please be Gentle if this is denied/ revoked. Also, I ask to give it more than 15 seconds of thought. Please. So here is what I have been thinking, brainstorming while working. I love the CMS ability to add notes to players. It's great for anyone with CMS access to see (if used properly) what is going on with the squad. I keep track of members, and what they have or haven't been trained on. Any issues (so that my major or co-fo+ can see something has been addressed in the past), and if persistent problems occur. What I feel like could improve the CMS, is a "Role/Rank" assignment. THIS is for squad level, as I haven't had control of any other squad other than Kratos on CMS, I don't know if this could be implemented at a higher level. I've also noticed, different squads tend to handle their ranks separately and differently, requirements, and roles. Explanation: Individual ranks would have a roles "note" assigned to them. Under this note, Generals or Majors (or higher) are allowed to set in stone a designation for expectations of their ranks. Requirements for promotions to certain ranks. Example: PVT: Newcomer to KSI, needs to be shown structure and played with. REQ FOR PROMO: Attend x game night(s) x meetings (x) or x trainings CPL: A player who actively engaged with the squad. Understand what the meaning to be in KSI is. REQ FOR PROMO: NAME CHANGE. Training in x areas. SGT: Begins to learn how to PROMOTE squad activity. Helps newer members learn the ropes. Practices recruiting. Engages in good squad etiquette. REQ FOR PROMO: Positive activity. Shows loyalty and potential to move up. Trainings. Learned how to recruit and can do so with little to no officer involvment. Know the rank structure. Plays with the squad actively SSGT: The SSGT role is used to test members capabilities of handling responsibilities. If embraced, and can complete tasks without much assistance. Etc. Pros: Making this editable, also allows for changes to be made, improvements to be documented. Leaders to have references, instead of having to think back about every little detail for each rank. It's not to be set in stone, and allows for members to move up and make changes for betterment of the squad. If a really great strong leader comes through and fills out these notes, a less stronger learning leader will have a constant quick references guide. Also it allows officers to compare and contrast who's missing what. Allows the different squad practices to be documented, and senior leaders to see what works for squads, and what fails. Also allows room for senior leaders to intervene if a requirement isn't needed or unfair, unethical or pointless. Or if someone is changing stuff as they go to better suit them. Allows testing of members to rank structure. Here's food for thought. Allows for members and officers to be trained to the same standard everytime. Major comes home from a busy day at work, gets online, and might have had an off day. He is almost brain dead when it comes to his KSI affairs, but needs to train someone. Refers to CMS notes and his mind is placed on the right track. Cons: Anything and everything can be used in a reverse/negative way. Potential disputes about how things should or shoudnt be (Which, with it being documented how things are running, intervention of co-fo may be needed to guidance on certain areas and can address it instantly, instead of if it was enacted by General and major constantly goes against) I would like some feedback. I promise, this post is only a tool to be used for the betterment of KSI, and I have these thoughts, and I just have to put them somewhere. Also, I will not be offended if this or any of my future ideas fall through. All I ask is to brainstorm in, take a hour, a night, a week. Maybe it triggers an idea that can grow from it to benefit us.
  10. Lets see how many pages and posts we can get on this forum thread, in a YEAR! So the rules of this game are actually quite simple It's the counting game. No Double Posting! I'll Start. 1
  11. I ban Direwolf Z, for getting banned from KSI, for leaving KSI and sleeping on someones couch, who also left KSI, who also got banned. For starting XDG, and nanananana... who cares. It's in the past. :D
  12. KSI TT


    I like your profile picture. XD