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  1. KSI xMercilessx

    What song are you listening to?

  2. KSI xMercilessx

    Fave movie

    The Boondock Saints
  3. KSI xMercilessx

    What song are you listening to?

    Love Song Lajon Witherspoon
  4. KSI xMercilessx

    NFL team Favorite?

    #ChiefNation welcome to the real 12th man!!
  5. KSI xMercilessx


    Possibly do some different color schemes with the website. Possibly do a complete different layout in general with different art, and colors to go with that.
  6. KSI xMercilessx


    Oh okay! That makes sense! Thank you for the quick response!
  7. KSI xMercilessx


    Suggestion: Possibly show what games KSI supports. When looking at the base site there isn't really a place to tell the new viewer what games we support. Another suggestion is possibly a Roster for the anyone to see on the site. That way new viewers that we recruit via social media outlets, or forums they can look and see how active a game is. For the side of the social media bar i would like to see Twitch rather instagram. Feedback: I think the site looks very clean and smooth to use, a lot of detail put in. Love all the new additions that have been added. social media outlets are huge so have to make that easy for those people that use it easier to access the Facebook,twitter, YouTube and whatever gets added later on. I like the top bar how it is always accessible when scrolling through or in the subforums.