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  1. KSI Murderrr

    KSI Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving back to you
  2. KSI Murderrr

    About me

    YEAH StarWars glad that you are apart of the family Phantom
  3. KSI Murderrr

    KSI Murderrr

    where is that on the forums, i only know of it on the discord XD
  4. KSI Murderrr

    KSI Murderrr

    I'm a trial graphics team member here in KSI, was wondering if i can get my forums rank for it. Anatomy can witness to my being a trial graphics team member. I'm also on the Web Ops discord as a trial graphics team member as well. Thank you, and take your time
  5. KSI Murderrr

    New Guy

    Welcome to the family SVO929
  6. KSI Murderrr

    Im back!

    your welcome
  7. KSI Murderrr

    Im back!

    Hey there, glad to see you back in on xbox one to join a squad, please post a application on https://forums.ksiglobal.com/forums/forum/122-join-ksi/ and someone from there will help you get into a squad. Make sure to follow the pre made application. Thank you and again welcome back
  8. KSI Murderrr

    New to KSI

    Welcome to the KSI Family, and awesome dedication for the game of Destiny, I have only played destiny 2 with 265 power level, I know it could be a lot better XD If you want to play some destiny sometime add me on Xbox We are happy you are here My GT: KSI Murderrr
  9. KSI Murderrr

    21 Pilots -> Like or Deny

    21 Pilots yes, I like them all cause I happen to be really into them right now, But i can see some songs, wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea.
  10. KSI Murderrr

    Old is the new new .... ? XD

    Welcome back to the KSI family. Nice choice of games there, maybe we will be facing each other. XD or winning together Glad to see you back.
  11. KSI Murderrr

    Favorite Country Song

    Yes, and Darius Rucker is my second favorite all time.
  12. KSI Murderrr

    Favorite Country Song

    I been around country music since I was young, i went to bed listening to the music radio station. So I don't just got one song. but I can lower it down to my top 3. 1. Alan Jackson: Livin On Love 2. Darius Rucker: I Got Nothin 3. Lonestar: I'm Already There They all have impacted my life in different ways, and I still listen to them to this day. There are a lot more i can put on here. These are the one's that mean a lot to me.
  13. KSI Murderrr

    21 Pilots -> Like or Deny

    I been listening to 21 Pilots for a couple of years now. Loving there music, it helps me get through the hard times in my life. If i fall they help me to rise back up. I'm asking to all of you, does 21 Pilots effect the same to you? or if not do you have a artist or group that does. I would love to know, so even I could get hooked to them as well.
  14. KSI Murderrr

    New to KSI!

    Welcome to the Family. We are happy you are here
  15. KSI Murderrr

    New To KSI

    Welcome to the KSI Family. We are happy you are here. And nice games to play there