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    Recruiting and leading to create more leaders in the gaming community

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  1. Shyne

    Favorite NBA Team

    GO SPURS GO!!!
  2. Shyne

    Favorite Sport?

    Track & Field, football, basketball
  3. Shyne

    NFL team Favorite?

    PatsNation!!! In The Pats we Trust
  4. Shyne

    Beer n tequila

  5. Shyne

    Favourite Pokémon Game?

    Silver, it started it off for me
  6. Shyne

    Why did you join KSI?

    To get back into the gaming community and to help create leaders. For competitive play as well
  7. Shyne

    What is your favourite animal?

    Grey wolf and white tiger
  8. Shyne

    Battlefield or Call of Duty

    Call of duty, just a stubborn guy who wont give battlefield a chance because i cant put CoD down lol
  9. Shyne

    Marvel or DC?

    Marvel easily
  10. Shyne

    Fallen Hero's story

    2013 is when i left but yea great to see former tmg members still alive playing. Most gave the community life up lol Naw bro i dont but i do have one in mind, i might get one but no promises, its my brother in law and he just got an xbox one. Let me do my magic and ill get back at ya
  11. Shyne

    Fallen Hero's story

    Yea i still talk to sensei every now and than on fb. I remember when vengence first got recruited. I joined like 3 or 4 months before he did
  12. Shyne

    Fallen Hero's story

    My gamertag was TMG Fallen Hero and TMG Fallen X. I was over Hollow Kingdom when that division first started. Thank you Boreas Z, im Glad to be back in the community. My current GT is GG Fallen Hero
  13. Shyne

    Fallen Hero's story

    Joined community gaming back in 2010 with TMG. (trouble makers gaming) took about a month to have my own squad. Took 3 months after to get a second squad. Then only 7months into gaming i became the assistant Division Leader. A month later i was the division leader. I then left the gaming community for a year in a half in 2013 to joined the army. October 2014 i joined a clan that was just starting out (i forgot the name of it) i help them out for about 2 months then left cause of the creator of the clan. Had me doing his work but didnt want to promote me. Then in april 2016 i joined Genisys Gaming where just in a month i Joined the promotion team for facebook, kik and instagram. This is also where i ran into boreas Z again, another former TMG member and now im here to kick butt and take names for KSI.