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    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSI WhiteDove Squad/Division: Inferno, Hells Fire Rank: SGT Position Requested: HF Div Rep Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff?: I was looking at website and it looks pretty cool and I LOVE EVENTS SO this is great for me What can you bring to the T&E department?: Im very hard worker, I love doing Events and making KSI fun! Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): Yes I do actually. With friends we always set up Tournments and having fun. Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Its where people work together and have fun, where you show respect Define Team in your own words: Working together to make the team great Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes but I will defy host more then that! Have you read the T&E handbook? (See the link below) yes i have http://forums.ksiglobal.com/topic/108380-ksi-tournaments-and-events-official-handbook/