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  1. PsykedelicJimbo

    My current KSI situation

    It helps yes. I guess since I am an xbox user I should go locate the other group then. Thank you for the time and explanation.
  2. PsykedelicJimbo

    My current KSI situation

    I understand that things happen, trust me in my 62 years of life I have seen plenty. However I truly know nothing of what has occurred. IS XG no longer part of KSI? Is improper for me to ask?
  3. PsykedelicJimbo

    My current KSI situation

    Still the same old situation. Glad to read Binary's story. Been thru almost exactly the same thing. Questions: How often must history repeat itself before change occurs? When will the emphasis shift from recruitment to actually keeping the membership currently in house? There is so little communication. Apparently there has been some split in KSI, news to me, and it seems I am in limbo. It appears my division is no longer here but I don't even know where they went. My 1 year in KSI - 4 squads, 2 divisions, 4 generals, 5-6 maj & cpts and too many lts to count and now what?