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  1. MutedDoll

    Internal Affairs Record Keeper Application

    1. Name: KSI MutedDoll 2. Time in KSI: 6 Months 3. Examples of organization skills: I'm Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, I work very closely with large corporations to improve efficiency in their procedures while providing organizational development and analysis, among other things. I am proficient in the creation of spreadsheets, graphs, flow charts, etc. In terms of KSI I have worked closely with others such as Viktory and Elder to help out where every possible in terms of clan ops and web ops. I currently oversee the Personnel department and am helping the Ps4 division as a temporary General over a squad. I wouldn't be in these positions if it weren't for at some point in time showing the ability to organize things effectively and help others out. 4. Why do you want this role: I want the role mainly because I enjoy organizing things, I also enjoy helping out. Viktory and I work well with one another and have a very similar style when it comes to organizing. I want to work with him and get this done as fast as we can without losing quality, so all information is readily available when needed.
  2. MutedDoll

    Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Tournament

    Sign-ups will be open until all slots are filled or Saturday, January 13th at 8 pm est. With the tournament then starting an hour later. This will be an Xbox One, Rainbow Six Siege tournament The prize is 25$ (US based) Xbox One gift card per person on winning team, which will be doubled if they can complete the whole tournament without having a single member on their team die. Rules: 1) No use of banned operators permitted if anyone on your team uses one your team will be automatically disqualified. Banned operators are as followed: Caveira Glaz Twitch Dokkaebi 2) No team killing allowed, if you teamkill and it is deemed on purpose you will be asked to sit out the rest of the tournament and forfeit your right to claim a prize if your team wins. Team kills will count against your team for if your prize will be doubled or not. 3) No substitutions allowed for your team after sign-ups are closed. 4) Teams must have a minimal of 2 members to compete, 4 is recommended. 5) If a minimum of three teams doesn't sign up within the time allowed this tournament will be delayed until Saturday 27th. 6) Teammates do not all have to be from one division, they just must be an active member of Ksi be it in clan ops or in web ops. 7) All who sign up must be respectful and professional at all times during the tournament. When signing up just fill out the below and post it here. Team name: Member's name: Member's name: Member's name: Member's name: Registered Teams: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
  3. MutedDoll

    AAP Award error

    Whenever I go and try to award gossip I get You do not have permission, Sorry there is a problem you cannot award others. Error code: 1A23/1 I can award other things just fine but this one. @Kered 7
  4. MutedDoll

    January 2018 Events Calendar

    Hello all, We have our schedule of events ready for January 2018. I have a quick view version of events this month, as each event comes up you can expect the host to make a more detailed thread about the plans and rules for the event, that thread will be where you can sign up for said event. If you have any questions/comments or concerns until then please message me. Quick View: Console: Game: Hosted by: Date: Time: Xbox One Halo 5 Tyr Monday 1 3 Pm Est PS4 WWII ArmyStriker Wednesday 3 8 Pm Est Xbox One WWII MutedDoll Sunday 7 8 Pm Est Xbox One Black Ops 3 MutedDoll, Shadow Saturday 6 8 Pm Est Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Saturday 13 9 Pm Est PS4 Rainbow Six Siege Viktory Sunday 14 8 Pm Est PS4 FG Quiz Bowl Viktory, MutedDoll Thursday 18 9 Pm Est Xbox One WWII Shadow Friday 19 8 Pm Est Xbox One Halo 5 Tyr Saturday 20 9:30 Pm Est PS4 FG Netflix Movie Night Viktory , MutedDoll Thursday 25 9:00 Pm Est Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege MutedDoll, Tyr Saturday 27 9:30 Pm Est
  5. MutedDoll

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSI MutedDoll Squad/Division: Scorch, Hell Fire Rank: SGT Position Requested: Division Rep for HF Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? I miss being able to create game nights and tournaments. I love connecting people who might not game together otherwise. I also enjoy making things interesting with unique spins to the games people love to play and showcasing how great squads teamwork is through tournaments. What can you bring to the T&E department? My own experience in designing, organizing, and hosting game nights and tournaments. I hope to bring in some new ideas, and strategies for increasing turn out and activity, just over all be a helping hand where ever possible. Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): Yes, I have 4 years of experience in leading game nights for large numbers of players, as well as, designing, organizing, implementing tournaments. I have even done event nights for some weird things as well, just for fun on the side. Examples of this are movie nights, karaoke nights, poker, monopoly. I customize what I do and how I structure them to fit the majority of those who it is for but the majority of my experience is on COD, Destiny, Rainbow six Siege and Titanfall. I also have experience in training others on the keys to creating successful game nights. Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Sportsmanship is maintaining a sense of respect and fairness for others during a game to ensure all parties can have fun no matter the outcome. Define Team in your own words: A group of individuals working together to get project done or to complete a unified goal. Ideally the team is constructed in a manner in which showcases everyone strengths and will pick up the slack where the other is lacking, this typically leads to an environment where you can mentor one another and learn from your teammates so as a group you collectively grow. Ideally should also have mutual respect for one another and always effectively communicate no matter what. Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes I do. Have you read the T&E handbook? Yes I have.