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    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSI MutedDoll Squad/Division: Scorch, Hell Fire Rank: SGT Position Requested: Division Rep for HF Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? I miss being able to create game nights and tournaments. I love connecting people who might not game together otherwise. I also enjoy making things interesting with unique spins to the games people love to play and showcasing how great squads teamwork is through tournaments. What can you bring to the T&E department? My own experience in designing, organizing, and hosting game nights and tournaments. I hope to bring in some new ideas, and strategies for increasing turn out and activity, just over all be a helping hand where ever possible. Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): Yes, I have 4 years of experience in leading game nights for large numbers of players, as well as, designing, organizing, implementing tournaments. I have even done event nights for some weird things as well, just for fun on the side. Examples of this are movie nights, karaoke nights, poker, monopoly. I customize what I do and how I structure them to fit the majority of those who it is for but the majority of my experience is on COD, Destiny, Rainbow six Siege and Titanfall. I also have experience in training others on the keys to creating successful game nights. Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Sportsmanship is maintaining a sense of respect and fairness for others during a game to ensure all parties can have fun no matter the outcome. Define Team in your own words: A group of individuals working together to get project done or to complete a unified goal. Ideally the team is constructed in a manner in which showcases everyone strengths and will pick up the slack where the other is lacking, this typically leads to an environment where you can mentor one another and learn from your teammates so as a group you collectively grow. Ideally should also have mutual respect for one another and always effectively communicate no matter what. Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes I do. Have you read the T&E handbook? Yes I have.