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  1. KSI Phantom 7DS

    EA and Pay to Win

    Very well written Article. I think EA just sucks in general. NIthing will Ben like the good old days where games were huge, and we didnt have to pay for DLC.
  2. KSI Phantom 7DS


  3. KSI Phantom 7DS

    Battlefront two

    Any of you guys play battlefront two? If so what are your thoughts on the game, who's your favorite hero, villain, class and ship to use. Nothing beats the original battlefront on the old Xbox though.
  4. KSI Phantom 7DS


  5. KSI Phantom 7DS

    Black Friday Deals

    I like Cyber Monday way better haha. No lines just home Chillin order some gaming stuff etc.. all with just a click.
  6. KSI Phantom 7DS

    KSI Happy Thanksgiving

    KSI happy thanksgiving to all of you may you all have a blessed day and thank you for giving me a warm welcome here. You guys really are a family of gamers thanks everyone.
  7. KSI Phantom 7DS

    About me

    Thanks bro
  8. KSI Phantom 7DS


  9. KSI Phantom 7DS

    New Generation of Leaders

    What we need in this country, in my opinion is just a new generation of leaders. One that can work together and get the job done. The same people have held their same seat in the senate and house for Many years because of there being no term limits. They instead just keep gettting re-elected. How can you expect change when the same people always keep running things and do a cruddy job at it. As a citizen it is your duty to vote and chose and unbiased candidate. Look up their background and see what they've done over the years.
  10. KSI Phantom 7DS

    About me

    Thanks for the warm welcome Elder
  11. KSI Phantom 7DS

    Any Star Wars fans out there?

    That must have been epic! Nothing will ever beat the original trilogy thats for sure. And awesome I'd prefer dark side too, Vader is my favorite villain of all time. Did you get to play the second battlefront? Huge improvement from the crappy first one that EA did half-*** on.
  12. KSI Phantom 7DS

    About me

    Hello everyone I'm a good friend of Battles 14. Im a huge Star Wars fan and my favorite thing to do in my spare time is clan stuff when I have the time. My favorite game to play is Star Wars Battlefront the originals on the old Xbox. I love baseball and the Red Sox. You guys are all great here, and I like the type of family mentality you guys have here.
  13. KSI Phantom 7DS

    Any Star Wars fans out there?

    Hey everyone, who likes Star Wars here? If you do, who's your favorite character and would you rather be Light or Dark side?. Battlefront two is amazing. On a side note lol.