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  1. KSI Ally

    Iron Trapped Minds

    In a brutal world where everyone has an Iron Trapped mind. How could anyone accept thoughts like mine? You cant change the mind of someone so trapped. Even if your idea is a present it doesn't matter how it's wrapped. You see I was a born a different way. All that mattered to people was " Are you gay?" In a world so concrete. Abstract thoughts can't compete. " So you were born something that you arent now?" That's all you get, in a world built upon frowns. The idea of change is fundamentally skewed. You're either a man or a woman and thats how its viewed. As a man before and a woman now. The only question I'm ever asked is "How?" The idea skips across a ripple-less lake like a stone. Leaving people like me to shiver, cold and alone. " open your minds and eyes" I beg and I plead. For the world is much more colorful with them open, you see. Alas, in this day and age with children's imaginations untapped, we will all stay the same with our minds iron trapped.
  2. KSI Ally

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Reccomendations

    The merciless series is literally amazing. Super gruesome and gory though.
  3. KSI Ally

    Favorite All Time Game?

    The Elder Scrolls Oblivion!
  4. KSI Ally

    Good Morning KSI!

    Hey thank you for having me here first off. I really like it thus far and hope to go very far and put in some work! I am going to be recruited tonight into havoc squad! If anyone ever wants to talk or needs help or wants to game hmu on Xbox or discord!