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  1. Class: currently shamen enhance Role: melee dps/ can practice for healing or ranged played wow for 10 years, took a break and am back. Raided vanilla as a prot pally, i know lots of hate there but i did it. Main tanked kara as a warrior. Shadow priest for wotlk, ranked 3rd for server. I have a bad habbit of hoarding stuff but will try and donate as i can. Lots has changed so bare with me and my questions. I love to play all the classes so you may see lots of alts.
  2. Myth

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Incredibles 2 Jack Jack made the movie!
  3. Myth

    What would you do if you won a million dollars?

    Debt seems to be the big one and the first for me to pay off as well. Then i would start up a buisness in the Philippines for my family, with the buisness up and running help my parents in Canada.
  4. Myth

    The Review - Bright

    Watched the movie twice and I agree with KaistauNZ I am looking forward to see what is going to happen next.
  5. Myth

    Anything New?

    Not much activity in the Anime world (forum) Looking for a good Mech anime. not to interested in Gundam. Watched Robotech and Macross. Seen a few others just nothing that comes to mind this early in the morning.
  6. Myth

    Dubs or Subs

    Subs is my preference. Sometimes it is nice to have dubbed so that I can just listen but that usually lands up as watching more then what I was intending to do in the first place.
  7. Could someone kindly link where I might find the code of conduct please. I thought it might be in policies and procedures but I didn't happen to see it there, could very well have missed it. It is the one given during your recruitment. Reason I am asking is if I have need or need to send someone to go and review it that I will be able to find it. Thank you
  8. Myth


    Hello to all in KSI. New to the guild and just getting a feel for the forums. I play Destiny 2 on the PS4 along with a few other games such as Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Horizon to mention a couple. My tag on the PS network is Mithanderus, some may have issues trying to send friend requests due to my settings. I haven't been in KSI long, really only about a week, and I have seen a lot of good things from the guild. I didn't know that it was as large as it is and that there are so many different branches of the guild. It is great to see how well developed the guild is and I have only really scratched the surface. I had a hard time finding a guild that was active on the PS4 for Destiny, most of the time it was inactive guilds or few people on when I was playing so I am very happy to see lots of people on and so many people using discord when looking for groups or people too fill in where needed. Since I have joined I have already accomplished so much more then I had expected in the game and with people who had enough patients to deal with my shortfalls. Any of the issues I have had that I brought up with Devil Cat have been dealt with in a very timely manner. This guild is very open to life first and for me that is going to be huge. I enjoy being part of this guild though my time that I have available to be active in it shall be reduced drastically in about 3 weeks time as my family is about to grow. I hope to have found a forever home Thank you Devil Cat for the guild invite.