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  1. Icespot 7

    October MoTM 2019

    October saw great progress in KSI. We gained 65 members, made 77 graphics, posted 4 articles, and streamed over 25 times. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released and all squads in Fallen Angels adopted the game! In Atlantis Rising we saw a shift of leadershift: KSI Viktory 7 moved to Division Leader and KSI 7th Seraph moved to Founder! Congratulations to them! Without further ado, here are your Members of The Month for October 2019! KSI New Blue for Fallen Angels KSI__liquidluck for Atlantis Rising Liquidluck is the Major of Legion AR, a newer squad in Atlantis Rising. "She's shown some great initiative in her squad and the Raid teams she is helping organize. She has shown potential to grow into someone who can lead this community." -KSI 7th Seraph (FNDR) “In KSI she is a person who looks out for all types of people, new and veteran gamers she tries to include all of them. She is helpful and does what she can make KSI a better community. As an officer she is diligent and is on top of her work and leads by example and as her general she follows directions and picks up where she can if I am out. She is an amazing person” -KSI Noob (L-GEN) This part is very odd to write. I am a Lieutenant in Leviathan, News Team Member, GFX Artist, and now the Member of The Month. I don’t care to talk about myself much so I’ll allow others to do it for me. “Hands down New Blue has been the most helpful member this far to me. He's a very active member and is super reliable. Hes professional, courteous, and cordial. I believe he deserves this for his exemplary work in KSI. He's not only here for me, but has an open door to everyone.” -KSI Stang187 (L-SGT) “I am Nominating KSI New Blue because he is a very active member and always on the lookout for new, level-headed recruits. After his change from Azrael to Leviathan he has adapted like water and took the initiative in his role. He is very kind and even when he rages he still treats his peers with respect and keeps his patience with everyone.” -KSI JNasty (A-SSGT) Article by KSI New Blue
  2. Icespot 7

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    From my understanding, no. @Crusader 7 She requested to be transferred to the PlayStation division after only a few weeks of being on the Xbox side because she was not ranking up quickly enough for her liking, if my memory serves correctly. She was a member of PlayStation for at most two weeks before issues began.
  3. Icespot 7

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    As I was involved I'll throw my witness report in as well. As Johnson said above, ShyPanda was notorious for violating chain of command on multiple occasions. At the time of her DNH, I believe I held the rank of Director. I was also acting division leader. Almost every day I had ShyPanda in my discord DMs telling me how such and such leader told her this or that, and she wanted me to give her an answer. Upon digging deeper, I found that she was going to literally every single leader above her asking for a different answer than the ones she was getting. I'm all for the open door policy, but this was blatant misuse of the policy for personal gain. When asked to delegate some of her self-imposed responsibilities to others, she insisted that she would not let others take credit for her work. We explained that this is a team effort to no avail. I spoke with who claimed to be her boyfriend after she was DNHd, and he confirmed her statement about her health challenges (I.e. anger, depression). While that is true, I don't feel it's an excuse for generally insulting and manipulative behavior.