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  1. Icespot 7

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    From my understanding, no. @Crusader 7 She requested to be transferred to the PlayStation division after only a few weeks of being on the Xbox side because she was not ranking up quickly enough for her liking, if my memory serves correctly. She was a member of PlayStation for at most two weeks before issues began.
  2. Icespot 7

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    As I was involved I'll throw my witness report in as well. As Johnson said above, ShyPanda was notorious for violating chain of command on multiple occasions. At the time of her DNH, I believe I held the rank of Director. I was also acting division leader. Almost every day I had ShyPanda in my discord DMs telling me how such and such leader told her this or that, and she wanted me to give her an answer. Upon digging deeper, I found that she was going to literally every single leader above her asking for a different answer than the ones she was getting. I'm all for the open door policy, but this was blatant misuse of the policy for personal gain. When asked to delegate some of her self-imposed responsibilities to others, she insisted that she would not let others take credit for her work. We explained that this is a team effort to no avail. I spoke with who claimed to be her boyfriend after she was DNHd, and he confirmed her statement about her health challenges (I.e. anger, depression). While that is true, I don't feel it's an excuse for generally insulting and manipulative behavior.