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  1. Isnt he in DSG or sumthin, well either way he still the most G KSI member i hear about.

  2. HAPPY B-DAY ERBS!!! (or at least that's what global said...)

  3. Why did he get blacklisted??

  4. DOMINOS! I salute u my good sir. oh, and I love Naruto too. One of the BEST animes ever. i've only seen the first 101 episodes

  5. Erbs has a baby moms now huh? lmao, you've been watching BET again huh homie?

  6. i love you poetry=D

    best friends forever=]

  7. how the h3ll are u 18? lol. u definately dont look or sound that young. n e way... when are u gonna like get rich? lol. just make sure to spread the wealth this way mr. remedy.


    ha lol im getting my 360 for my birthday which is at the end of september so i can do ksi work again=]

    so how are you

    ha and yet i say ls the best=] im in ad lmao i still hate it=[

  9. what's good homie? i used to run fusion & aftamath, but i was outta there before i met ya. anyway, just showin you some love, as one homie to the next, ya feel me? holla at me on live kinfolk.

  10. i'll comment on my own sh!t cuz i'm BALLIN like dat.

  11. What up poetry whats been going on hey by the way i added your song to my myspace