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  1. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    Court Judge Applications

    Gamertag: KSI-7TH-SERAPH  Age: 34 Experience in KSI: I have been with KSI since April 1st of 2018. And have slowly worked my way up and in doing so have had the opportunity to learn each aspect of the ranks up to Co-Founder. Experience in law: I have no Law experience but I do run a business where I have had to deal with employees both one on one or in a intermediary position between two as well. As KSI is the acronym for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity, the 3 core values we are built upon, which one of the core values mean the most to you: Each are equally important in that without one the other two cannot be utilized to their full potential. What are your thoughts on double standard: There is no place for it. Although each situation will have it's own issues and viewpoints, there should be a Standard to base them on. Lastly through what points of view would you as a judge use to understand the content of a case? KSI standards, POV of the given person or group as well as their peers.
  2. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    What does KSI mean to you

    Awesome read! Thank you for Participating!
  3. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    What does KSI mean to you

    I was browsing the Site and came across a post from Chaoticz from last year. What does KSI mean to you? To me, this community is what brings together so many different personalities, races, ages from all around the world. It's a prime example of what it means to co-exist as human beings and not divide us by where we live, what our beliefs are or what skin color we are or even what platform you choose to play on (silly I know). It's a family to rely on, a friend to chill with, an ear when we are down. It's so much more than just people who get together and play video games. I've seen so many people come and go, and at the end of the day, they knew their time here was a good one. So I ask you, What does KSI mean to you?
  4. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    Count to a MILLION!

    69 oh my