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  1. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    What does KSI mean to you

    Awesome read! Thank you for Participating!
  2. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    What does KSI mean to you

    I was browsing the Site and came across a post from Chaoticz from last year. What does KSI mean to you? To me, this community is what brings together so many different personalities, races, ages from all around the world. It's a prime example of what it means to co-exist as human beings and not divide us by where we live, what our beliefs are or what skin color we are or even what platform you choose to play on (silly I know). It's a family to rely on, a friend to chill with, an ear when we are down. It's so much more than just people who get together and play video games. I've seen so many people come and go, and at the end of the day, they knew their time here was a good one. So I ask you, What does KSI mean to you?
  3. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    KSI Merchandise Poll

    lol Geez this post is old. Elder is actually working on something for this.
  4. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    What upcoming games are you interested in

    Definitely Anthem. But also; Death Stranding, Kingdom Hearts 3 and The Last of Us 2
  5. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    KSI Merchandise Poll

    Depending on if it gets approved by the board, anything from t-shirts to stickers, to coffee mugs, posters and more
  6. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    KSI Merchandise Poll

    They ship world wide
  7. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    KSI Merchandise Poll

    Good Morning and Afternoon to all! I am running a quick poll on KSI Merch. I took a look at our store and it is honestly a little wanting. I am working on designing some new shirts, hats ect. I am also looking into a company that will sell them for us. This company also only prints them as they are ordered so KSI doesn't have to front the money in order to purchase bulk ahead of time. Also, this will go to help KSI maintain their website and also any future endeavors for the Clan. But most importantly, it'll allow us to to promote our love for this great clan and family. So, if you could all please just click a YES or No on the Poll, this will help me push this through to the Board for approval. Thanks All! 
  8. KSI-7th-Seraph AKA Ronald

    Count to a MILLION!

    69 oh my