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  1. KSI Juxity

    Count to a MILLION!

  2. KSI Juxity

    What song are you listening to?

    Breaking Benjamin's new album Ember is amazing! :0
  3. I made a banner for FA. Just want some input. Thanks :)


    1. Heracles


      That looks awesome

  4. KSI Juxity

    KSI Juxity Multi nomination

    I was part of the Army for 6 months, technically not a veteran. But I did train in the military for a little bit.
  5. Club Banner I made for FG a while ago. 


  6. My Personal Sig, featuring Tokyo Ghoul.

    My Sig.png

    1. Heracles


      That looks cool, I like Tokyo Ghoul

    2. KSI Juxity

      KSI Juxity

      @Herecles I don't watch Anime actually just like some of the artwork.

    3. Heracles


      You look into reading some manga

  7. I'm gonna start posting my graphics on my feed. :)

    1. Heracles


      Awesome, looking forward to seeing them

    2. KSI Juxity
    3. Heracles


      You're welcome daughter

      You're welcome grand son

  8. Hope everyone has had a fantastic week so far! :)

    1. Heracles


      I have, how has your week been

    2. KSI Juxity

      KSI Juxity

      Very well my guy. :)

    3. Heracles
  9. I was in the Army for 6 months. Would probably join back to do the Air Force.
  10. KSI Juxity

    Who's excited for State of Decay 2?!

    Who is getting this game? Share your thoughts on what new things you are excited for in the game. Mine is MULTIPLAYER!
  11. I was in the Army for 6 months. Got a General Discharge. But I would join the Air Force simply because it would be better for my career field.