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    Awesome to have you back!
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    Awesome to have you here brotha!
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    KSI Ejkilly

    Hey everyone! This is Ejkilly. KSI Ejkilly to be exact, add me on discord! I first started in gaming communities during what I believe was May in 2014. I was in a clan called DrExY (Dragons Extra Youth) until November of 2015, and here I was the CCO... this clan was mainly focused on CoD, but the days of bad cod (Ghosts, IW, AW) destroyed the player base and people left faster than we could get new ones. My next clan was XGN (Xiled Gaming Network). My membership in here was from 10/22/17-4/3/18. I was the General of a very historical squad, and it was the first R6 Siege squad to have ever existed within XGN (obviously before I came in). In addition to being a general, I co-created a Department and was the co-head of it. I was also in the Leadership-Development department as a staff member, and in the events staff. On 4/2/18, I decided it was enough for me in XGN, as I was running multiple squads and an entire division as a general. I created ZGN (Zealous Gaming Network) alongside a friend I joined ksi with, and together we tried to grow it but failed, in the end. Now, from 4/22/18-?, I am a member of KSI (Knowledge Strength Integrity). I look forward to playing a large role in the future for the community and doing whatever I can to make things better, for all. (Copy-Pasted from the Discord)
  7. I would buy save the world for Fortnite, tons of V-Bucks, and the original COD series
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