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  1. KSI CriticiZn

    Why did you join KSI?

    I joined to make friends and game and learn new stuff and to do whatever it takes to help contribute to make Ksi better
  2. November 17th spend time wife with and daughter
  3. KSI CriticiZn

    What do you do for a living?

    Professional carpet cleaning and restoration technician
  4. KSI CriticiZn

    Favorite pet?

  5. KSI CriticiZn

    Apple or android?

    Apple all day
  6. KSI CriticiZn

    What is your favorite gaming headset?

    Astros are the best most comfortable and durable
  7. KSI CriticiZn

    PlayStation or Xbox?

    Personally I have the Xbox used to have ps4 but will say I like both but will say features on PS4 are way better than Xbox and some better on Xbox but personally I would have to say after both PS4 was great
  8. KSI CriticiZn

    What's your favorite Juice?

    I have to go with v8 splash very berry or any juicy juice
  9. KSI CriticiZn

    What Does KSI Mean To You?

    KSI means to me a gaming family that helps one another succeed even life outside of gaming. Whether it’s communication skills, leadership skills, or whatever Ksi will take you a long way in life. To me KSI is all about helping one another and growing stronger by supporting one another recruiting more to the family and being whole and having fun. I personally wouldn’t be here if I thought it wasn’t about supporting one another growing together like a family. If it wasn’t fun who would be here. No one so yes Ksi is the right place for everyone with all the possibilities here for new recruits and the best gaming experience you can get is how you look at it and how you want to grow with Ksi it’s not Ksi fault for u not having fun get active supportive there’s so many things to do. Sorry for Scrooge’s but Ksi is life for me CriticiZn out
  10. KSI CriticiZn

    Fav games?

    The old tony hawk games, halo series, dark souls series, cod series, Mario all, Pac-Man , gta, Medal of Honor series, def jam, street fighter, ufc, true crime, titan fall, forza, project cars, n4s, project Gotham racing
  11. KSI CriticiZn

    Favorite Video Game or intro to gaming

    Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Nioh
  12. KSI CriticiZn

    RPG or FPS?

    By myself RPG with a group FPS
  13. KSI CriticiZn

    What do you do for a living?

    Professional carpet cleaning and restoration technician
  14. KSI CriticiZn

    Name something you should never do naked

    Streaming on twitch
  15. KSI CriticiZn

    Count to a MILLION!