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    Court Judge Applications

    Gamertag:KSI-DRAMAMAMA-7 Age:34 Experience in KSI:My current rank is co-fo and I’ve held founder for a short period before IR merged back into AR Experience in law: None As KSI is the acronym for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity, the 3 core values we are built upon, which one of the core values mean the most to you: Integrity! What are your thoughts on double standard: I’m not one for double standards. I’m absolutely against it! I have no problem with telling one person the same thing I tell another. Lastly through what points of view would you as a judge use to understand the content of a case? All Evidence present through the duration of the case as well as past and present history of individuals involved. My judgement would be based on current community standards.

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    She also blocked members of her own squad as well as refused to work with them including her major.

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    I’ve just been informed that she has been blacklisted by GIA and BTG and possibly 1 more. My source is KSI koneko Who is no longer a member of KSI but has gave me his statement infront of Poseidon and Artemis 7.

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    She miss lead her General, & major. She was given assignments she refused to be a part of. She refused to help build up her fellow officers when we are here to build up each other. She poached from the squad she got transferred to. She was recently in a community called MPN for a short period after speaking with Artemis 7 I’ve been informed that Her profile reflects membership in another community. Her childish behavior and I’ll mannered attitude towards her fellow officers was unacceptable. She publicly disrespected Artemis 7 in a party chat in front of other members such as KSI_ElitistDeath. These members blocked shy panda due to her verbal disrespect. I mentored panda personally and expressed why we were taking the route we did with the current major. At that point she got upset and was unhappy with leaderships decision to work with Fallen and refused to follow any direction from me at that point. She was demoted for her behaviors and unwillingness to be a team player. She was verbally told that she would need to complete a few task before transferring. She was refused a transfer by myself and the receiving General until task were issued and followed through. She didn’t do any. She was transferred and then she poached members from the community and created drama with Artemis 7 in the party chat with another member which I mentioned earlier in this statement. If asked my honest opinion about her request to rejoin I will give it.

    Favorite Sport?

    Football. Then volleyball is what I played in high school also my fav.
  6. Finally home after an amazing weekend with the fam. I’m so exhausted. I can’t wait to get my PS4 fixed tomorrow......hopefully. 


    Name something you should never do naked

    Go for a interview. ride public transportation
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