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  1. Heracles

    Marketing Department Proposal

    To address everything again Yes this would be a useful Department, despite there being the social media and and Productions. This Department would have Representatives from the Divisions, 3-4, these reps will promote KSI events, promote forums activity, teach members how to use the forums. They will promote KSI social media. All through the consoles and discord The Social media Department posts things on social media, but they don't advertise specifically to the Divisions, and the Internal reps do. For the forums activity being low right now, yes it is, and that is a major thing the internal marketing reps would work on, I don't see how that is relevant honestly, it actually bolsters my Position. Both Xbox One and PS4 have access to a web browser, so they can access the forums through that. The External Marketing Reps will be used to look for new recruits, which is something we need right now, especially on Xbox. This would be a very useful Department even now I am for it being in a Testing stage completely. @Elderpooter @Kered 7
  2. Heracles

    King/Queen of the hill

    That's awesome, but I'm still the king lol
  3. 1. I there there should be an LFG section so people can post that they are playing a game at a certain time, and day, and other people can go there specifically to look for to play certain games. 2. There should be a games section for the most popular games, as well as platforms, so Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, and what ever popular franchise. I mean, we are a gaming community Right?
  4. Heracles

    Days off

    Yessar we will definitely play together
  5. Heracles

    Days off

    Yessar we will definitely play
  6. Heracles

    Pineapple doesn't go on pizza

    Ehhhh that's my boi
  7. Heracles

    Who can post last

    I can lol
  8. Heracles

    King/Queen of the hill

    It doesn't actually have to be funny, but silly And.... I'm the King of the Hill because I was promoted to SGT today, sukkas
  9. Heracles

    New member gamer tag Thatsmyname82

    Welcome to KSI Global Gaming Network, if you need anything hit me up. @Thatsmyname82
  10. Heracles

    I'm back... Can I get my name back?

    Welcome back @KSI_Anin_
  11. Here is where we will playKing/Queen of the hill, what you have to do is post you're the King or queen of the hill, and its yours. But of course, let's make it fun, say a funny reason it's yours. Be sure to follow the Code of Conduct and forums rules
  12. Heracles

    Count to a MILLION!

    71 I posted 68 right before you lol