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  1. KSI BattleKing

    Dogs or Cats

    definitely dogs more specific pitbulls is all I own amd will own
  2. KSI BattleKing

    What do you do for a living?

    I have been a five star chef for 15 years until recently got burned out now im a cashier at a gas station on graveyard. I love it so much less stress...lol
  3. KSI BattleKing

    Favorite All Time Movie?

    the boondock saints all time favorite
  4. KSI BattleKing

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    My original gt was King of Battle to represent my field artillery unit in the army. that was our mantra we were the kings of battle. then I joined a clan called Killer instinct Gaming my gt was to long when I added the KIG to it so I become BattleKing and have stayed with it ever since and that was in like 2007.