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  1. KSI Micro

    AAP is looking for you!!!

    Gamertag - KSI_Micro or Promicrow Division / Rank - 1st Captain of FG Integritas Time in the community- I have been here since April 20 2018  Why would you make a great member of the AAP - To start this off, I wanna say that I am a dedicated member that will always do his job and always be there to help in my job whenever called upon. I have great ideas lined up that could help improve AAP. I am currently a member of T&E with experience running events there, so I could help with that side of the AAP and work with others there to have some new stuff planned for that. However one of the biggest reasons why I would be a great AAP member is because of my availability and my time with a huge range of members that could help me get their interest in AAP.
  2. KSI Micro

    VIP Membership

    That would be cool
  3. KSI Micro

    VIP Membership

    So can we have the VIP membership tie with anything on discord. Example: VIP role, VIP Chat room Different colour or just anything that would make people buy it. This is just an idea you guys can think of other things that can allow you to be different on discord. I know everything should be organized on discord but forcing everyone to have one colour on their discord username is overdoing it in some way or just have the VIP members allowed to change it to a certain colour that is not currently being used like black, white or pink.
  4. KSI Micro

    Court Judge Application

    KSI Name: KSi_Micro Age:17 Experience in KSI: Captain in Integritas Experience in law: No experience in law other than having a mother that's a lawyer and currently taking law as an elective subject in highschool As KSI is the acronym for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity, the 3 core values we are built upon. Which one of the core values mean the most to you: Integrity, without integrity we are nothing. Having no morals and no principle that holds you down on your action and makes you think as a person is like a bomb waiting to explode. Having standards as a human being is necessary to help you make the right decisions in life. When we pay attention to our integrity as a human our thoughts and words are in line with each other; our actions align with our principles. What are your thoughts on double standards: Double standards is a poison in our today society, people think it's right to have double standards on a certain topic just so they can get what they want, It’s infuriating and it needs to stop. Everyone should be treated the same and fairly. (At the request of KSI Vanilla) How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood: Is it a male or a female am not sexist so am not gonna assume the woodchuck gender.
  5. KSI Micro

    Website Ads

    Website Ads can help with the cost of paying for the website. I am sure most members won't mind it at all.
  6. KSI Micro

    Cat/Dog pic spam chat in discord

    Isn't that for memes we want something like for animal lovers where we can spam pics of our pets or just for random pets. memes and pet pic aren't the same thing and some people that get on meme spam wants to see memes not cute furry animals.
  7. KSI Micro

    Recognition Tab

    Alright that would be cool
  8. The title explains itself I really wanna spam some cat pics lol but can't do it in squad chat because spam is not allowed there and can't do it in meme spam because it is not a meme so I don't know what to do.
  9. KSI Micro

    Recognition Tab

    It can be really anything we can include like tournament winners, in clan record, notable actions or really anything that is worth being put there also the hall of fame can be put there just some suggestions on things
  10. KSI Micro

    Recognition Tab

    We should have a recognition tab on the website for tournament winners, notable actions and many things that can happen down the line. Also we can have the hall of fame be put in there.
  11. What games are you looking forward to play in 2018-2019 that has yet to be released