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  1. ProMicroW

    Website Ads

    Website Ads can help with the cost of paying for the website. I am sure most members won't mind it at all.
  2. ProMicroW

    Cat/Dog pic spam chat in discord

    Isn't that for memes we want something like for animal lovers where we can spam pics of our pets or just for random pets. memes and pet pic aren't the same thing and some people that get on meme spam wants to see memes not cute furry animals.
  3. ProMicroW

    Recognition Tab

    Alright that would be cool
  4. The title explains itself I really wanna spam some cat pics lol but can't do it in squad chat because spam is not allowed there and can't do it in meme spam because it is not a meme so I don't know what to do.
  5. ProMicroW

    Recognition Tab

    It can be really anything we can include like tournament winners, in clan record, notable actions or really anything that is worth being put there also the hall of fame can be put there just some suggestions on things
  6. ProMicroW

    Recognition Tab

    We should have a recognition tab on the website for tournament winners, notable actions and many things that can happen down the line. Also we can have the hall of fame be put in there.
  7. What games are you looking forward to play in 2018-2019 that has yet to be released