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  1. KSI Ares 70

    KSI ThisJustIn DNH Appeal

    Please answer the question as to if this was just females or a combination of both male and females in regards to the Facebook issue. If you have a list of warnings please share that info with us.
  2. KSI Ares 70

    KSI ThisJustIn DNH Appeal

    1. Were you catfishing these Facebook pages and was it just female or a combination of male and female pages? 2. Have you been given prior warnings before being placed on DNH? If so what were the warnings for? @Elderpooter do we have any screen shots or information on the threats that were made in his squad chat?
  3. KSI Ares 70

    KSI Samsara appeal

    Samsara Didn't you already appeal your DNH on or around 28 April 2018?
  4. KSI Ares 70

    KSI Samsara appeal

    Samsar, What kind of information was in this IA report that you gave to vA? Why do you want to come back to KSI?
  5. KSI Ares 70

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    You stated you shared explicit photos with other members. We're these photos shared with any members under the age of 18? And what was the age of the female involved in this incident? We're you ever given warnings for any behavior prior to this incident?
  6. KSI Ares 70

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    Good morning I have a couple of questions that I would like a yes or no answer 1. Witnesses state that you had poached members. Did you poach? 2. Witnesses state that you were manipulating the chain of command. We're you trying to play the system for your personal gain? 3. When you joined KSI did you agree to the Code of Conduct? You have already admitted that you were disrespectful towards leadership and refused to complete task that you were assigned. This is not the first time you have been a member of KSI and you are aware of the expectations. With that being said if allowed to return how will your behavior be any different than what has already been demonstrated.
  7. KSI Ares 70

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    Pxrtr Here are my questions When you joined KSI and went through orientation did you not agree to the Code of Conduct? If so you were fully aware that poaching is a violation of Cod as well as the disrespect. We're you given any warnings for your conduct while a member of KSI? Do you have any factual evidence that proves your removal was not justified? If the court finds in your favor, how will your behavior be any different than what has already been demonstrated?
  8. KSI Ares 70

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    Good morning Pxrtr Before I get into my questions what GT did you use while in KSI?
  9. Haha here's an egg

    1. KSI Ares 70

      KSI Ares 70

      I opened it and it was a rotten egg. Lol