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  1. Fresh out of the Jamaicans kitchen. Curry shrimp beans and rice cabbage Oh my!

  2. My couples goal right here

  3. So this is what folks do at work nowadays

  4. I am a powerful boss from the land of the wise ones. Now you go.

  5. What it do baby. The love of my life is still where I need her to be.

  6. Wow it been a year today since I did this one.

  7. Wow it been a year today since I did this one.

  8. Post a pic of you with the family. I want to see the love. I want to see pictures don't just like

  9. American Airlines is now higher in Phoenix Arizona. So Apply now. Over $14hr. Go to jobs.aa.com

  10. I cant stop listening to this

  11. Lydia Taylor you got me.

  12. Look at my son doing what he loves.

  13. Just sold this lovely pice of art. By me ISA WINSTON.

  14. Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Private Beta) live at