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  1. KSI xEcstasy

    AAP is looking for you!!!

    Gamertag - KSI Ecstasy Division / Rank - FA Judgement Time in the community- Going on a month and about a week or so Why would you make a great member of the AAP -  Well honestly I believe anyone could be a good fit for this position. I have seen many talented members cross my path in the little time I have had here. However, me personally, I feel there are several factors. I'll start off by my activity. Almost every single day I am on Xbox at the very least talking to members. I try my hardest to reach out to members that arent very active to see what I can do to spark their interest. So the contact with everyone is definitely there. Secondly, we will go with my interest in the community. I believe in order to have any member in any department they have to have the desire to be able to "do the job." Lastly we will go with my activity on the forums. I try my hardest to be on the forums about 3-5 times a week to check on things I may have missed. Overall I believe that anyone could potentially be the best in this position if desire is there.