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  1. KSI xEcstasy

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    Yes I know I have broken several of the CoC rules here in KSI. I also understand these rules are in place to ensure that everyone has the best experience here in KSI. I also understand that upon my actions things could have been way worse and that slack was given to me due to her and some other members helping my name when they really shouldn't have.
  2. KSI xEcstasy

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    Finally last but not least the one question from Cru. So honestly I don't remember what exactly fully happened to make me upset with her but yeah pretty much. Honestly it was something probably so stupid and could have been solved so easily, but I took it to the extreme. As I said before there is nothing that I can say or do to take back what I did but I really wish there was a rewind button in life. 'Cause this is one mistake that I have made that I would gladly take back.
  3. KSI xEcstasy

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    Next I will take on Vanilla's questions. Please let me know if you guys need more descriptive context. But I'm trying to protect this girl's image as much as possible and get to the point without throwing anyone under the bus anymore. 1. Yes. There was a lot of mistakes that i have made within the recent year. I have had to take time to the side to develop my own character. Does that mean that my actions should be forgiven by her. Absolutely not. I made a decision in that time frame that absolutely disgusts me as a person today. But honestly I can say now that I am out of the situation that I was in before things have ran a lot more smoothly. 2. Yes actually. We have both talked on the matter of what has occurred and we talk on a daily basis now at the current moment. I'm not proud of what I have done in the past.... But I'm really honestly trying to correct the future. 3. Honestly there is nothing that I can say to forgive my actions as I've said before. For it to happen again would be nonsense. I've realized that I have nearly pushed someone to hurt themselves in real life. I have made decisions that have caused someone that I called a friend to cry for hours. The guilt in the situation has led me to shed a couple tears myself. Idk in the long run I hope that she truly learns to forgive me for my stupid actions prior and not just move on from it. The only real thing I can say is due to the reaction I have caused I have realized that I wouldn't want this **** done to my daughter so why do it too someone else's. 4. I was a General in Judgement for a little while. I was the first successful person to complete my board rep roll within FA. I have had over 30 recruits (although most didn't stay) and many more trained. I have had several successful things I have done. I helped be apart of 2 squad splits within Judgement. Plus many many more things. I have had a huge success within KSI for the short time I was apart. I understand I have made a bad name for myself and that I would have to prove my worth within KSI before any type of leadership position may be restored to me. I'm completely fine and understand that fully. For those accomplishments and many others I believe I should be allowed back. As far as fixing the wrong... There is nothing i can do in this situation. The only thing that I can do is what I am doing now and that is to make sure that I help her through anything that she faces in life and be the friend that I should have been in the first place. Instead of acting like a butt to try and fit in where I didn't belong. Also I have tried to apologise but words only mean so much. I would really like another chance to prove what I can do and that I can make up for the actions I have caused. I hope all of this answers your questions please let me know if you have anymore.
  4. KSI xEcstasy

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    Okay. I apologise for it taking so long to reply. I took a long nap. But i will answer your guys' questions now starting with Ares. Ares. So the girls age she was technically considered a minor yes. I'm not proud nor am I happy of the decision I made. But there was only like a 5 year difference. Which flash forwarding 10 years no one would say anything. I get that that doesn't forgive my actions in what I did however. As far as the pictures go and who they got sent to, they in the long run got shared to the website and the FA chat. So my actions ultimately slandered her rep in KSI for a long time. Doesn't make me proud at all for what I did. I hope that answers your questions @KSI Ares 70
  5. KSI xEcstasy

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    Your Name: KSI xEcstasy Official KSI Rank at time of removal: General Of Judgement Name of Leader(s) that removed/banned you: KSI Elderpoot 7 but technically I left before DNH'd Date of being removed/banned: 26th of April Reason for being Removed/Banned: I made very poor decision to send a picture of a friend that was exposing her to a couple other members within KSI. I was warned to leave her alone and stop but her and I kept going back and forth. I threatened to send pics first and lied about it and then shortly after I did actually send the pics. It was a dumb and childish decision that I made in which I am not proud of. Current status(squad or clan you are in): None. Haven't been in one since I left. Witnesses wished to be called: @KSI x DaniWolf Contact information (NO PHONE NUMBERS): KSI xEcstasy GT on Xbox and SlickEcstasy#1032 Discord End goal if your appeal is on your side: I honestly want to rejoin and regain some old friendships I have and create new bonds with others. Being in a community makes the experience of gaming more fun to me. I also love to build squads and have the accomplishment of knowing it was because of your success that the whole community is growing and being successful. I would like to eventually regain trust and my title back as Gen Even one day. This time to do everything the correct way. Detailed description of what happened: kinda as stated before I made some mistakes that I'm not proud of. Sent some pictures of a friend around exposing her. Also that led to future things being done which I also have to take partial responsibility.
  6. KSI xEcstasy

    Application for Education Director

    1. Do you have any past experience in education, in gaming or in real life? So I have worked for the HR department at Wal-Mart. Now the responsibility in doing so was pretty much simple. All we had to do was teach the basics from where it all started to where we were today. There was a question pamphlet that was set in front of applicants and they were responsible for answering the questions as the movie played. I went over the questions with them and gave correct answers.... etc.... Now with gaming, I was also part of the education team for my old clan. I was with them for almost five to six years. Three of which was with the education team. Now with clans honestly it's all about learning the way the clan developed and how its ran and then turning that information to the members. 2. What are your ideal qualities that a teacher or instructor should have? Well... a Teacher needs to be able to understand information for starters. Now that isnt saying that they need to learn the information of the clan that is a whole different thing. But instead that means to be able to understand info coming in and going out. You have to speak with knowledge. But also have ears of a hawk to be able to retain information that could be developmental for the future expansion of a community. Listening. Learning. And Way Of Speech are all very important things that a valuable teacher need to have in my opinion. 3. What do you think some of the most effective ways of teaching are? Well as I have kinda already said you have to know how to speak to people. One of the main things to do is become "friends" at the very least with your audience. Upon doing so you will get the respect for people to listen to the things that you have to say. You have to find a fun way to keep the attention of your audience such as a demo of a subject of some sorts. The packet idea I mentioned earlier at Wal-Mart is a perfect example of a hands on experience to keep a audience involved. Now a example I used in my previous community would be that I had everyone of my lower ranks have to have a goal. That said goal was the goal of the week. I would then at the end of the week check in with those people and ask how their goal was going. (There is more to this and I will discuss at the interview if I get one. I will define what I actually did.) 4. How can an Education Department be effective to a online gaming community like KSI? Education is Key for something like a gaming community. You want to keep people interested in the community that way the further expansion happens and the name (KSI) is defined. So for that reason we have something simple such as an orientation into a squad. We have that so new members can learn the ropes and learn what we stand for. So all in all you would have to have a great Education Director to direct the other leaders. To then expand the knowledge across the platforms and members to pass knowledge and develop the community. 5. What is your prior leadership experience? Well. I have been every rank up to a Director in a previous community. I was with them as I said since my beginning of gaming. Solid 4 years in clan ops and then broke off to do more web. Helped to develop forums and was more on education side of things towards the end and basically listened to music hosted meetings and talked to people. 6. Why do you think you'd be a good selection for this position? My biggest passion is to do this. I love reaching out to new members and old. I love learning more about a community and helping others who have the passion to develop in a community. There is so many things that I would love to do and learn to do in KSI aspects. I want to help members that are interested just as I am to develop themselves in the community. I know I'm new to this community but I have already strived to make a spot to the board and AAP team. I would really honestly love to learn this spot and take its responsibilities. 7. How long have you been in KSI, what is your highest achieved rank and what is your current rank? As I just said I am new as of November. But I really dont want that to play a roll. I'm willing to learn everything that happened in years in just days. I will sit and listen to what needs to be done and accomplish doing it. After doing so it will always be the next goal for me. Right now I'm currently a 1st LT. I'm soon to move to a Captain. My next goal is to climb that ladder and then move to MAJ then GEN so on so forth. I will not stop until I reach the highest Rank i can. 8. Name two workshops that would most benefit the community and explain why you picked them. Recruitment: It is important that all members that are looking to recruit understand how to do so. The idea is that upon having a successful recruiter you will have successful recruits. What that means is that the community will continue to grow and prosper . FTLA: I have heard of this program. I feel like this would be beneficial for the development of future officers and officers alike. This program helped to teach future leaders how to do their responsibilities. Not only that but it also gave a space for leaders to bounce ideas off each other for future development of the community. 9. What responsibilities do you envision the Education Director having and what do you think I should be looking for in a Education Director? -I believe what you are looking for in a education director and what a education directors should be working towards is the following: Someone who passes on the KNOWLEDGE of the current leadership to the next generation. In order to empower them and give them the STRENGTH and ability to uphold the communities INTEGRITY.-