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    Application for Education Director

    1. Do you have any past experience in education, in gaming or in real life? I have taught many players how to play siege and other games but mostly the big thing i’ve taught some people is how to cook things or how to use tools etc. 2. What are your ideal qualities that a teacher or instructor should have? Definitely patience, organization, communication skills, knowledge and passion for the thing being taught, friendliness, and a strong work ethic 3. What do you think some of the most effective ways of teaching are?  Rolling up your sleeves and getting hands on, making things intriguing rather than making them sit there listening to non stop stuff. 4. How can an Education Department be effective to a online gaming community like KSI? Well quite simply it’s like oiling the machine cause this is how you build quality leaders is by training them etc. This is exactly how future leaders will be built. 5. What is your prior leadership experience? I’ve led small things like planning events for my family or friends to bigger things like i ran a 2k club back in the day that had thousands of people etc. 6. Why do you think you'd be a good selection for this position? I feel like i have have leadership skills like patience, being understanding, and being overall friendly. I also have the ability to make things interesting and not so boring so the people will stay engaged instead of sitting there playing a game even though they’re supposed to be listening to whatever i’m saying. 7. How long have you been in KSI, what is your highest achieved rank and what is your current rank? My current stint i have been in since 12/9/18 but i’ve been in and out since early 2017. my highest achieved rank would be 1CPT 8. Name two workshops that would most benefit the community and explain why you picked them. Leadership: This one is obvious but if you’re trying to teach someone how to be a leader you should teach them good leadership such as traits, goals they should make, and how to lead the pack etc. Proper discipline: You want your leaders to know how to properly handle things and discipline is a huge one because you need to know how to handle situations and how to properly assess them for everyone. 9. What responsibilities do you envision the Education Director having and what do you think I should be looking for in a Education Director?  I see the ED having the responsibility of obviously teaching but also teaching well. The ED will have the responsibility of answering many questions and answering them correctly for whoever asks. I think you should look for someone who has experience and knows how to teach and properly lead a group of people.