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  1. KSI Whitewolf-VGEN

    Court Judge Applications

    Gamertag: KSI Whitewolf Age: 48 Experience in KSI: I have been in KSI since 01/07/2019 I am Gen over Valkyrie. Experience in law: I was a police officer for a while when I was a little younger I loved the position but injured my back so I had to leave the force. As KSI is the acronym for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity, the 3 core values we are built upon, which one of the core values mean the most to you: I would have to say Integrity.You can have all the knowledge and strength in the world but without integrity everything will fall.I believe you have to be an honest person and have strong morals in all you do. What are your thoughts on double standard: I honestly can not stand double standards.You can not show favoritism in anything.You have to be a fair person and not take sides and if you take sides and let double standards take place you can not be honest with yourself or anyone else around you.The rules must apply to all and not just some.The rules must apply to everyone from recruit up including founders div leaders and all.I have seen people come and go here in KSI.Some of those have been friends that were DNHd and honestly I think they deserved it. Lastly through what points of view would you as a judge use to understand the content of a case? I would look at all the evidence in the case.Listen to both sides of the case.And then make an informed decision about the case.
  2. Host: KSI Whitewolf

    Date: 1/31/2019

    Squads: Judgement vs Rapture

    End Result: Judgement wins 3-0