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  1. New Blue

    Review: Ace Combat 7

    Ace Combat 7 is an arcade flight action game with 2 game modes with 6 DLC packages out. It’s been nominated 5 times for awards and won an award for sound. Today, I will be reviewing this game and explaining the storyline. The single-player mode consists of 23 missions (including DLC missions). The storyline takes place in the continent of Usea in the conflict of the Lighthouse War set in 2019. Your character is named Trigger. Trigger is a rookie pilot from the nation of Osea assigned to the IUPF, the Independent Union Peacekeeping Forces. He was in Mage Squadron under command of a man with the callsign Clown. During the 4th mission, Trigger and the other Osean pilots are tasked with defending former Osean President Vincent Harling as he makes his escape from the Space Elevator. However, the enemy from the Kingdom of Erusea sends advanced drones after Harling’s helicopter. When one of the drones gets behind his helicopter, Trigger fires a missile at the drone, which misses and hits Harling’s aircraft, destroying it and killing the former president. Trigger is then convicted of killing Harling and assigned to the 444th squadron, also known as Spare squadron. His plane is branded with 3 “strikes”. After dealing major blows to the enemy throughout 6 missions, Trigger and one of his squadmates, callsign Count, are seen as valuable assets and are then transferred to the LRSSG, the Long Range Strategic Strike Group. Trigger is assigned to Strider squadron as Strider 1, while Count is assigned to Cyclops squadron as Cyclops 2. After destroying an enemy fleet, the LRSSG, consisting of the 2 squadrons, defend Stonehenge, a powerful railgun designed for long-range attacks. They defend the railgun until the Arsenal Bird (taken over by the Eruseans) arrives. They then use the railgun to shoot down the Arsenal Bird. Later, the group finds out that the Eruseans have built a second Arsenal Bird. The Oseans form a coalition with some Eruseans to take down the Arsenal Bird. Rosa Cosette D’Elise, princess of Erusea, along with Avril Mead, known as Scrap Queen, and some Oseans from the 444th squadron take out the Arsenal Bird’s shields from a control room in the space elevator by powering the elevator down. Trigger and the coalition then destroy the Arsenal Bird. However, the enemy Eruseans have built 2 drones capable of reading Trigger’s movements and Count’s plane is damaged by one of them. They then set up a base on a beached carrier, the Admiral Andersen. After repairs are made and planes are restocked, Oseans and Eruseans take to the skies to combat the enemy drones. Several pilots are downed. Trigger takes out one of the drones and chases after the other, who has discarded its main wings. The drone flies through the underground tunnel leading to the space elevator. Trigger and Count follow the drone in pursuit. Count gets damaged from the drone. After reaching the bottom of the space elevator, the drone tries to send Trigger’s flying style to the Erusean drone factories. Trigger takes out the drone and flies up the space elevator and exits safely. Count attempts a belly landing in the elevator and survives. The main story is complete. In my opinion, the storyline of Ace Combat 7 was awesome. The storyline was the best storyline I’ve ever seen and the soundtrack went very well with the levels. The gameplay was amazing too. Multiplayer, on the other hand, was not really that fun and it died out quickly. Everyone basically stopped playing due to the sheer amount of people equipping the F-22A Raptor with QAAMs (quick maneuver air to air missiles) since they are broken or the X-02S Strike Wyvern with the EML (electromagnetic launcher) since its instant death with a push of a button. There were only 2 modes too, being Team Death Match and Battle Royale (no, not the battle royale you think it is. It’s a free for all until the timer runs out.). Overall, I would give this game a 9/10. The graphics were amazing with a lot of attention to detail. The soundtrack was phenomenal. It was just an amazing game overall. I am hoping more DLC content will be released in the future even though we already have our planned 6. “Can you hear me, pilot with the three strikes?” Written By: KSI Judgement77, News Contributor
  2. New Blue

    KSI_Boondox Here

    Welcome to KSI brother
  3. New Blue

    Game Prediction: Elder Scrolls 6

    On June 10th, Bethesda released a teaser for their upcoming continuation of the Elder Scrolls franchise, Elder Scrolls 6. Though Bethesda has been leaving most fans in the dark, we were lucky enough to receive a sneak peek of the official trailer posted on Twitter. Despite the mysterious trailer, with little to no information on the upcoming long-desired continuation to Skyrim: Elder Scrolls, fans did manage to estimate the location of the next game by using little details such as islands, mountains or any given distinctive landscape found within Tamriel. Some say the location of this long wanted game will be held in Hammerfell. Bethesda’s most known franchise, Elder Scrolls has not yet released a decent game since Skyrim: Elder Scrolls. Their most recent games from this franchise include; Skyrim: Elder Scrolls (2011), Elder Scrolls Online (2014) and The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG (Mobile) (2017). To that note, all console/pc games have been released over 5 years ago. Although Bethesda hasn’t produced a successful game, Skyrim is still viewed as one of the most successful games of all time. It has been rated by IGN as a 9.5/10 and has been given a 9.6/10 by Metacritic making it one of the highest scored games by these two reliable sources. Since this success, Bethesda has been having issues with obtaining a new game with positive or outstanding reviews. With the game Fallout76 being a major upset. It is now Bethesda’s move to bring out a new game which will sweep their gamers back to their seat. To continue, Bethesda will most likely boost the production time of Elder Scrolls to supposedly launch Elder Scrolls 6 by the end of 2019, which by the looks of it, and the amount of news we received since the trailer, seems quite impossible. New estimations believe that as of right now, with the lack of information on the game shared for all to see, this wanted game will only be released by the earliest end of 2020. The only information given about Elder Scrolls 6 has only been estimated by fellow gamers, which believe that the game will be set in a time of a Deadly Plague in Hammerfell. With the success of the franchise, promises, and hype given by Bethesda, Elder Scroll 6 is said to be an amazing game in the making. Hopefully, it’s success will be as great, or greater than Skyrim. Only high hopes for the continuation of such a successful series! As long as the game is great, I for one will be glad to wait the time for this upcoming masterpiece. Will Bethesda earn their game of the year award with this upcoming game? That is for you to find out! Written by: KSI Sanji, News Contributor
  4. New Blue

    The Leviathan-Hades Split

    Early this April, FA Leviathan was breathing its final breaths as Heroiism prepared to dissolve it. Squad leadership failed to keep the squad healthy, as attendance, recruiting, and morale was at an all-time low. In a last-ditch effort to save the squad, KSI H0neyBadger (CPT) and KSI BabyBadger (LT), along with the squad’s Co-Founder, KSI xTITANx 7, approached Heroiism with an all-in request. They wanted to take control of the squad. Hero put away his jug of Hydrofluoric acid and agreed. Since that night, Leviathan only moved forward, with 107 members joining the squad to date. On October 23rd, KSI xLucifer (who was previously HoneyBadger and now General) announced at the weekly squad meeting that they were looking toward a split! Moving forward, here’s the Leviathan-Hades officer breakdown. Leviathan General KSI xLucifer Major KSI x Falcons Captain KSI CH3DDAR Lieutenant KSI Flower Lieutenant KSI BROZILLA Hades Major KSI xMaze Captain KSI TurboTSI Captain KSI AwokenAngel Lieutenant KSI New Blue Lieutenant KSI Meliodas825 I reached out to the officers to get their word on the split. "I'm extremely proud of how far we have come, when I took charge as a 1st captain we were an hour or so from failing and merging. Looking back, I can't believe how far we've come. These guys make me proud to be their general every day. In my opinion, Leviathan is different because of the bond we share. We have an event every day of the week and spend a lot of time together, whether in a party gaming or on discord. We see what we have accomplished and look to accomplish even more.” -KSI xLucifer (L-GEN) "What made Leviathan what it is today is our will to succeed. We never even had the thought of “what if we fail”, we just kept going and did what we needed to make it work.” -KSIxMaze (H-MAJ) "To me, every officer is great and did their job as best as they could, which is why we’re splitting. We couldn’t split with anyone lagging behind. The family environment and the consistent growth of the squad was not an overnight process. We started from the bottom and slowly built up. Our ability to keep our members involved every single day was the key to our success.” -KSI x Falcons (L-MAJ) "Probably what made Leviathan what it is today is the people and officers. We have had amazing people step up to the plate and show us what they can do. Also, our communication is pretty great.” -KSI BROZILLA (L-LT) "The officer that stood out the most to me was Maze. She really made me feel more settled when I was going through squad issues. She is a leader, ear, friend, and one of the most dedicated members/officers I’ve ever met. No squad takes the time and effort we do. Other squads don’t have the drive or passion. No squad has the love and support for each member like Leviathan” -KSI Meliodas285 (H-LT) Leviathan is a powerhouse squad. We have many members who are experts at what they do. KSI Luffy, KSI x Falcons, and KSI Sanji recruit like there’s no tomorrow. KSI Meliodas285 cranks out orientations like an auctioneer. Maze and Lucifer are two natural born leaders. That’s not even to mention we have 3 Web Team Leaders. There’s nothing like a Leviathan Game Night. Most of us aren’t even playing the same game, but we still have a great time talking and laughing. I feel blessed to be a part of this split. May both squads prosper. -Myself (H-LT) Written By: KSI New Blue, Senior Writer With special thanks to the Leviathan/Hades Officer Core
  5. New Blue

    Old Folks Attention!

    thanks for the input @Cali 7 we are in a forward trajectory right now but we are far from those giant numbers. our web teams are doing very well btw.
  6. New Blue

    Rejoining KSI : KSI SKYRIM 7

    nobody ever got with you buddy?
  7. New Blue

    Old Folks Attention!

    Amen @Game 7
  8. New Blue

    Old Folks Attention!

    Fallen Angels with 288 people, Atlantis Rising with 194 @ksi antonius le
  9. New Blue

    Old Folks Attention!

    I would like to hear @KSI Viktory 7 take on this but yes, we don't need assistance from old leaders, but you and the other retired folks are proud of what they achieved back in the day. for that reason alone is why I suggest returning to see the progress at least. At the end of the day, its our turn to make it great.
  10. New Blue

    Old Folks Attention!

    @Anatomy <3 I think another golden age would be possible if great leaders like you stepped back in to make it what it was. It's true that discord has practically killed forum pages but that shouldn't stop us from moving forward. There are discord servers that have 2 or even 3 "general" chats because of the amount of activity. We can do that to KSI if we push towards the future instead of looking back and constantly reminiscing. That's my take. Blue out
  11. I'm seeing a lot of confusion from some of you older members about the current state of KSI. We have moved 99% of the operations to discord strictly. That is why you see a shockingly low amount of activity on the forums. If you're interested at all in making a return, hit me up on Discord at KSI New Blue#5555 , i'll have a chat with my leaders about you coming back! Anyways, have a blessed Sunday.
  12. New Blue

    What does KSI mean to you

    This thread was made around a week before I initially joined KSI, so I guess i'm still a newbie in all you old folks' eyes. Anyways, when i joined i was finishing up my senior year in high school. Two months prior I left my job at Chick-Fil-A so i found myself with 40 hours of extra time every week. KSI has been a rock in my life through the thick and thin. I was happy to share with my squad (Rapture at the time) when I graduated. Even when I went to Italy for a month I was missing my KSI buddies. I've been up and down the ranks a couple of times since joining, but to me that's not the important part. What I hold most dear is the friendships I've made with people like @Chaoticz 7, @KSI THYMINE 7, and @Jnasty (those are the first that come to mind sorry if I missed you). This community has also taught me so much. I wouldn't be doing any writing or art without being inspired first by people like Nex Addo and ZeroOmega. Though my time in KSI has been brief compared to some, I plan on staying for as long as long as I can. At the end of the day, I know I can count on KSI to be there for me. And that is what KSI means to me
  13. New Blue

    Meet Your 2019 Web Leaders

    Thank you @KSI THYMINE 7
  14. New Blue

    KSI McMatt 7

    Most operations are now on the app discord. i can ask about getting you joining the server if you'd like!
  15. New Blue

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Gamertag: KSIxSharps Squad/Division: FA- Azrael Rank: SGT Position Requested: COD host/ ref Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? I want to do my part as a member of KSI, and help bring the same fun to others that I have received from tournaments and events What can you bring to the T&E department? A flexible schedule, a hard working attitude, and a passion for service. Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): I was an officer for a while, so my only experience is through hosting game nights and crowns. Though that isn't much, I would love to learn more. Define Sportsmanship in your own words: Having a good attitude no matter what, and playing fair. Define Team in your own words: A group of people working together towards a common goal. Do you understand that you will be required to host at least one event a month minimum? Yes Have you read the T&E handbook? (See the link below) Yes