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  2. Written by KSI Hitman00 Edited by KSI New Blue A Division inside of any community is only as strong as its leadership at the Squad levels. The job comes with a lot of stress, patience, determination, and grit. These are qualities all found in the squads in this community, not just Fallen Angels’. I sat down with two of the newest rising leaders of this Division in order to get their perspective on what it takes to be a leader and what kind of style they bring to the table. They both gave refreshing perspectives on what it means to be a leader and what it takes to get there. KSI New Blue Is the General of Hades. He has a reputation of being a leader who breaks away from the status quo and maintains an excellent relationship with his members. He has been back in KSI Clan Operations for only three months now after a brief hiatus to Web Operations but already has made his mark in squad and divisional operations with the most meteoric rise to the General rank I have seen in my five years in Community Operations. Thanks for sitting down with me. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to make a move into a Major or General spot? Blue: Never give up! No matter how many times you get angry, set back, or let down, DO NOT give up. You never know when your lucky break will be. Take it from me. Don’t be the quitter! Be the one who always gets back up and fights. This position obviously maintains a lot of stress as you are in charge of anywhere between 40 and 60 members. What advice would you give when it comes to handling that stress? Blue: Lean on those you respect. Showing weakness to your higher ups might seem like an awful idea. It sounds scary and embarrassing, but really it’s showing how courageous you are. Get help when you need it. The Div staff is always there to assist you whenever you need it. Regarding leadership styles, we know there are multiple. In your opinion which leadership style seems to be the most successful in this community? Blue: I think members respond really well to people that they can game and have fun with, as simple as it sounds. Everybody loves the people they can stay up till 1 am laughing their butts off with. Most importantly, make your members feel at home. If you don’t see them for a few days, ask how they’re doing! I think it’s that simple. Next, I interviewed WarMaster, Newly promoted Major of Rapture. He has been in KSI for about 6 months now and has a reputation as one of the fairest leaders in Squad Operations. Thank you for your time. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to make a move into a Major or General spot? WarMaster: Alright, well I guess a big thing is building confidence in yourself and your abilities. If people have eyes on you for Major, or even if they don’t, grow in confidence that you have something important and valuable to give to better help your squad. Another thing would be to keep your motives and priorities straight so you can steer clear of going for Major only for the position but to go for Major so that you can better help your squadmates and the experience of KSI for normal members. This position obviously maintains a lot of stress as you are in charge of anywhere between 40 and 60 members. What advice would you give when it comes to handling that stress? WarMaster: It depends on what is causing the stress. A lot of times it’s from being overwhelmed with decisions and work for the squad, but the best way to help with that is to always ask for guidance and help from others. As Major, you have a General and Co Founder right above you who were in your position not too long ago. They are there to help you and can help you make decisions and help with the workload if need be. Also, just having your officer core help where needed to take some pressure off of you. Regarding leadership styles, we know there are multiple. In your opinion which leadership style seems to be the most successful in this community? WarMaster: To me, the most valuable asset is making connections and gaining assets. Basically, just making friends and connections so that you always have people to help you out in times of need for various things. And, it makes things easier and less stressful when dealing with other leaders in the community when you at least remotely know each other rather than knowing *of* each other. Also, one thing that is taught in Officer 101 that is very valuable, is [that] to be a good leader you need to be a good follower. Basically, just being able to understand and follow the leaders above you to set an example for the members and officers below you. Being a leader in this community is worth so much more than just a rank behind your name. It’s knowing that you have people who look up to you to make decisions on a day-to-day basis as well as molding and guiding the future of this community. These two leaders hold in their hands the key to the future of the community and the division itself. Your job as a leader in this community is to shape the future of the community and these two guys are doing a very excellent job with it. I look forward to seeing the future of Fallen Angels and it’s all because of the leadership and guidance of leaders like New Blue and WarMaster. Until next time, long live FA and long live KSI.
  3. The dust has settled for KSI and now it’s time to build! The KSI Board has elected two new members into their ranks. Congratulations to KSI Nex Addo and KSI_Obsidian_7! Nex Addo first joined KSI in 2009 into KGB Division. He’s currently the Wiki Team Lead and News Team Lead. He was inducted into the KSI Hall of Fame in 2017. Obsidian_7 first joined KSI in 2005 into Lost Empire. He’s currently a Co-Founder in Atlantis Rising, the PS4 Division. He’s also in the Education Department and Wiki Team. What do you want to say to the members of KSI who may not know you two that well? I'm sure some people are asking, "Who are these people?” Nex Addo: I want the members to know I'm not just an old relic sitting on the shelf who comes back when they want but a member like themselves in this community. I take what I do seriously for them and I want them to be open, critical, and understanding when they reach out to or however they feel. I'm here for them to hear them out and assist them. I've been doing this for a long while and I've had my failures and my successes and I want people to learn from mine and grow on their own. KSI is doing this together! Obsidian_7: Like Nex Addo I want members to understand that we are here for them. We want to hear and engage in healthy debates that will help us, the board, understand what the community needs in order to keep on striving forward. I have been in this community, this home, since 2005 and we all want the same thing, a safe place to game, learn and teach. My door is always open to those who need to be heard and I will always have the time to listen to what the needs are for the community. I take great pride in every aspect of my life and KSI is no different. As long as we continue to work together, grow and learn KSI will be here to stay. What exactly do you two bring to a Board in 2020? Both of you only returned to active roles this year after a lengthy retirement. Nex Addo: In my opinion, I bring quite a lot.. During my retirement and before it I held different titles but I was the Program Director of a LGBTQ Group in the city. I've also been studying more Public Relations topics and studying in a noncollege aspect. I've done quite a bit, I would say, in my time off. But, my return didn't come without concerns and long conversations Obsidian_7: As for myself, what I believe I can bring to the table is just a few different things. The board as it stands has many talented leaders with different leadership skills and it is vital that when they elect new members they have something different to offer. Before my retirement I was the division leader of LE and that experience in itself, though it was not my first time being a division leader, taught me a lot and how to be more grounded. Coming back to KSI and working my way back up the ranks instead of asking or demanding rank has given me the opportunity to see what is actually happening currently in the community. Something I believe the board recognized and considered when nominating me to be on the board. With nearly 800 people recruited this year so far, it's safe to say KSI is experiencing some pretty crazy growth. What do you think brought this success and how can we keep the momentum? Nex Addo: The fact of the matter is we are here because of the efforts of every member who is here. Even the ones who do not recruit. We must understand the reason we are here is because of their effort. The reason for this growth boom we will call it is only recent and a common history for KSI. The numbers mean a lot when it comes to the effort of recruiting but the effort of maintaining is where it's at. Can we keep these numbers and limit fluff to less than 1 percent is the real task. Which will mean events planned by our leaders. Obsidian_7: The amount of growth we have been experiencing especially recently is due to everyone really working together and understanding a common goal for this community. With the right leaders in the right place being directed by upper leadership things tend to fall in place really. Recruitment is just only one part of making this growth a successful growth. Maintaining a high retention rate is just as important. Especially if we want to see more events or tournaments for our members. Which leader of the newer generation has earned your respect? Where do you feel they exceed expectations? Nex Addo: KSI_Ronald7 has really earned my respect and I see him doing big things! He’s a good tempered and thoughtful leader. I can not wait to see what he brings to the table. Obsidian_7: I am going to have to say KSI_Kimber 7. That guy has worked hard to get where he is at now. He took charge of Awoken when his old squad leaders left and he kept at it till Awoken split. He is able to take constructive criticism and adapt his leadership style to fit any situation. With him being promoted to founder very recently it won't be long till we see him bringing a bigger impact to AR and the community! Would you give us a sneak peek into what you two hope to achieve for KSI while serving? Nex Addo: A sneak peek? Ok well, honestly I'm looking to help bridge some communication between Web and Clan Operations. While it's not obvious we could better our talks and that's no one in particular fault but it is something us leaders, including myself as News Lead, need to address sooner than later. I also want to help get Web Ops to talk more amongst ourselves. I believe that communication is key to ALL OF KSI success. My other plans are to start working on promoting events and assisting the teams that are involved need to create clan-wide events.I also have to agree with Obsidian on helping us address arcane rules and guidelines. Obsidian_7: Well for myself there are a lot of things I would like to achieve with my time on the board. The most important one for me is being a voice for everyone in the community. Share their thoughts and opinions with the board and bring up their proposals. Though there are other things I'd like to do as well personally, like focusing on changing some old bylaws and introducing new helpful policies or things of the sort. KSI is moving forward in a very positive way and all I'd like to do is help keep that momentum going.
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    Meet a Board Member: KSI Copper 7

    Additions and subtractions: The words the KSI Board has been all too familiar with in the past month. The fact is, KSI could learn much more about each member of the board. That’s exactly what this article series will be about: Interviewing each board member to learn about their plans, their self, and thoughts. With each article, we hope to shine some light on exactly who these people are. Allowing each member of KSI to make their own feelings. Our next interview will be with KSI Copper 7! *** KSI New Blue: Copper, tell us about when you first joined KSI. KSI Copper 7: When I joined KSI there were like 160 people in here and they were doing WW2. It was fun. Biddulph and Migraine told me and the wife that being in KSI is all about having fun and just gaming. So I thought, right on! So we started at the bottom of the ranks and I was just having fun until I got introduced to KSI robfink26 and KSI THYMINE 7. They taught me about what all the officers did and can do. KSI New Blue: Can you talk about your time going up the ranks? KSI Copper 7: I started in Rapture. We only had a few officers in the squad, but when they hosted a Gamenight, they killed it. When it came to ranking up, I busted my butt to help out the squad. I had fun recruiting people into KSI. When I was a Sergeant, I was hosting game nights just to get a lot of people into game nights. As many people jumped me, I just worked that much harder to prove I'm here to help the squad grow. About a year and a few months I was running a squad, and it was Rapture. Being a Co-Founder is just like being a General but with a twist. The only difference is being over two squads. I was over Rapture and Redemption. But being a CoFo, you have to learn to step back and look at what's going on in the squads. I knew rapture was in good hands but I was still helping out the squad. Redemption had its ups and downs. After a while, we started getting into it and started picking the squad back up. Founder: Now that’s where I had to learn to not just focus on two squads but six. I also needed to figure out what squads were doing good and what squads needs the help while talking to the Division Leader and Co-Founders too figure out what we could do to start changing stuff too help the squads. No matter what, the way I looked at stuff, you look at what worked and what failed and try to change to put a twist on stuff. Also, see where it would peak too the members. KSI New Blue: What position do you hold on the Board? How did you get there? KSI Copper 7: I hold an FA Leader’s seat on the board. I had to do an interview with a few of the board members to make sure I was ready to hold a seat. KSI New Blue: What makes your perspective on KSI unique from the other Board Members? KSI Copper 7: Well each board member has their own thing to do, from the owners all the way to board reps. With the seat I hold, I have a chance to get a few things changed on the FA side (If it can get passed). And like I told the board members, I am here for KSI and trying to make it better for the members. KSI New Blue: What issues does KSI face today? How can you and the board make sure they get resolved? KSI Copper 7: The problems I see in KSI are depending on the squad. Some are recruiting and some are finding officers. But as for the Board, I can’t speak for all of them. All I can say is that when it comes to both sides of it, we go over everything and we talk about what action we need to take to help everyone. KSI New Blue: What are your dreams for KSI? Where do you hope to see us in 6 months? KSI Copper 7: My dream for KSI is to have it grow and for people to just have fun at what they love to do; that’s gaming. I am hoping in 6 months to be at least getting ready for a div split or be sitting in a good spot to be talking about it. For KSI as a whole, I’m hoping we can get some new things going with cross-platform battles and maybe Crowns on a few games.
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    Hey man very long story short we don't have PC div anymore. we might have one at some point in the future. Additionally, there is a No Multi-Clanning policy. If you have members of your community that are ALSO in KSI, please let me know about them. My discord tag is KSI New Blue#5555
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    Member Spotlight: BlazZze 7

    You may not notice him, but he’s there. KSI BlazZze 7, or just Blasé, is a recipient of the News Staff of The Year Award, twice, labeled Most Outstanding, and received the Outstanding Service Award! With over 20,000 forums profile views and 1,300+ posts, he was certainly a celebrity in his time. With his most recent retirement beginning in April 2019, he now lives the simple “Community Area” life. KSI New Blue: So, BlazZze, tell me about when you first joined KSI. KSI BlazZze 7: I was always fond of "clans" but KSI was my first formal gaming organization. Coming into something so established and big was daunting, but at the same time, it was very exciting! Luckily, I was able to be friends with good leaders such as Spazbit and Lucky Poi who helped to guide my good intentions in the right direction. KSI New Blue: Who have been your favorite people to work with over the years? KSI BlazZze 7: KSI Spazbit> A blast to work with to rebuild LE. With the rapid growth within the division, she was able to provide structure. KSI Game> Amazing dude. When I came back, I had the honor of helping to rebuild the news team for him. He was always open when it came to the bettering of KSI and always came with an open mind. KSI Anatomy> I mean, I don't think the news team could've been as well structured back in the day if it wasn't for his help. I had a blast at the same time even when the team was just made up of me, Anatomy, and Lolo. KSI New Blue: What is your proudest moment or achievement in KSI? KSI BlazZze 7: Helping to rebuild LE from falling apart, to a fully fledged flagship division. KSI New Blue: Is there anything you wish you could have done differently? KSI BlazZze 7: If anything, I wish I got more heavily involved with web ops when I first joined. I did participate with web ops at that time, but I wasn’t as heavily involved as I wish I was. KSI New Blue: How would you describe your time in KSI with only 3 words? KSI BlazZze 7: Exciting, enlightening, and inspirational. KSI New Blue: You're a pretty quiet guy nowadays. Will we see you come out of retirement anytime soon? KSI BlazZze 7: Haha, good question! More than likely not. My clan ops days are over (for the foreseeable future). I enjoy video editing and writing in my free time but I don't plan to make a return to web ops. So, that’s Blasé’s thoughts on Blasé, but what do his ex-peers think of him? I asked Nex Addo and Miss LoLo what they had to say. Miss LoLo: He's always been thorough and encouraging. We had great team cohesion under his guidance, and the quality standards were really high, which propelled the team to learn and improve. I recall the banter between him and Anatomy was pretty funny! His temperament definitely sets him apart. He is good-natured and rarely got worked up about something. He kept us on task while still keeping good humor. He led the most active and highest quality news team since the days of Ch1ef running it. Nex Addo: He's quirky, odd, and funny, though his leadership makes himself equal. He’s constantly checking on his team. The fact that everyone including him is on the same goal is what makes him different. Besides the title, he's not more important than anyone else. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about a member of the community you may not have known! Do you have a member in mind you want to know more about? Feel free to send me a message on discord at KSI New Blue#5555! Thanks to BlazZze, Miss LoLo and Nex Addo for their parts in this article. See you next time on Member Spotlight!
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    The Everyday Heroes of KSI

    Many members in this community put on a uniform, and go to work not knowing whether or not they may come home that day. From police, fire, and EMS, each first responder faces many challenges related to the career. Although a lot of these challenges happen on the clock, most still continue after the sirens are gone. The challenges that most first responders encounter on the job teach them skills that translate into other parts of their lives, such as KSI. First responders are often seen as heroes, in reality, they’re just your normal everyday people. We put our clothes on and go to work every day just like anyone else. The only difference is the job that first responders do, they run into situations that most people would run from. From shootings, cardiac arrest, structure fire, or a simple head injury first responders see a lot on a daily basis. The traumatic calls, the tough times create a bond between first responders that often isn’t seen in other careers. There are times that first responders have to lean on each other because nobody else can understand. Through the good times and the bad, we love our job and wouldn’t want to do anything else. First responders wake up and go to work for the one thing, we like to help other people on their hardest days. Let’s meet, and listen to some of the experiences of a few of our first responders within KSI. KSI xTITANx 7-FA Co-Founder (Firefighter) What drove you to be a first responder? "Growing up I watched fire trucks pass by my mom's office, a kid I went to preschool with, her dad was a captain for the local fire department and getting to see the truck when he would come by. Then when I got older, a massive grass fire threatened the community I lived in to the point we almost had to be evacuated. I wanted to go through the academy provided by my local community college but I got scared by the difficulty of the EMT course and didn’t follow through. Fast forward about a decade and what really drove me to become a firefighter was after my brother's suicide. I decided I wanted to follow my dream of becoming a firefighter but still wanted to stay in the job I had. A friend of mine just so happened to be a volunteer firefighter and invited me to come out to a training night and check it out. I filled out my application and the rest is history. Almost 4 years later I’m still a firefighter with the same fire department, and I can’t imagine my life without it. The friends I’ve made, the bonds of brotherhood I’ve made, becoming baptized by fire, the lives I’ve touched because of this job. It’s a life I wouldn’t ever change." What is one thing you’ve learned while being a firefighter? "Pride. Taking pride in my work. Taking pride in my apparatus. Making sure they are clean and ready to go. To show our citizens that their trust in us is not misplaced. By taking pride in how we treat and care for our citizens as if they were our own family." KSI Fire728-Valkyrie LT (Firefighter) What drove you to be a first responder? “I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter/first responder since I was a kid. My father, uncle (mom's side) and grandfather did it. My uncle was the only one to make a career out of it and is now I believe a captain or chief. My grandfather and father, like me, were volunteers for a dept when they were younger. My mother was an EMT for a while before she changed career paths. So growing up in a family like that you get drawn towards it. I also just like the feeling of helping people. The feeling of an adrenaline rush when a house is on fire and you get called to put it out. Being a first responder, especially a volunteer, because you don't get paid for it is an experience because you risk your life every time you choose to go to a call. Yes as a volunteer you can choose what calls you go to but I like to go to as many as I can. Its really an eye awakening thing and makes you appreciate life even more because you see what can happen to you or someone you care about. At the end of the day, I love it. I love what I do. I love the man I became because of it. I don't wish what I see upon anybody. I've been fortunate that I haven't seen any fatalities yet. As much as I don't want someone to pass away I know that day will eventually come and nobody is ever prepared for it. Everyone reacts and handles the situation differently.” KSI Gordon-Hades SGT (Firefighter) Is there any particular lesson or trait you’ve learned as a first responder that has helped you in KSI? “Some traits from being a first responder that has helped me in KSI is being level headed and always trying to help people out whenever I can.” What drove you to be a first responder? “Well, what drove me to be a first responder is the stories that my dad and uncle would tell me as a kid. My dad was a chief in the same department I and my brother are both in today. Guess you can say it’s sort of a family thing.” From a first responder, the news team, and all of KSI, we’d like to thank all of our heroes for everything they do! Written by: KSI x Maze, Contributor Edited by: KSI New Blue
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