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About Me


KSI Copper 7


KSI SilentRob

KSI XxAres 7

KSI Viktory 7

Nex Addo

KSI Chaoticz 7

Joined KSI as zG Sharps. Recruited by KSI DRZ 400 2-22-19 (R-RCT)

Orientation completed  2-25-19. Promoted to Private (R-PVT)

Promoted to Corporal by KSI THYMINE 7 on 3-3-19 (R-CPL)

Name change to KSIxSharps 3-4-19

Promoted to Sergeant by KSI Ares 70 on 3-4-19 (R-SGT)

Promoted to Staff Sergeant by KSI Ares 70 on 3-10-19 (R-SSG)

Promoted to Master Sergeant by KSI Ares 70 on 3-24-19 (R-MSGT)

Promoted to 4th Lieutenant by KSI Ares 70 on 4-15-19 (R-4LT)

Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant by KSI Copperhead9 on 4-28-19 (R-2LT)

Promoted to 3rd Captain by KSI xXLEGIONXx on 5-12-19 (R-3CP)

Promoted to 2nd Captain by KSI Ares 70 on 6-24-19 (R-2CP)

Split Rapture-Azrael

Demoted to Staff Sergeant on 6-30-19 

Stepped down to Sergeant on 7-1-19

Transfer to Azrael FA (A-SGT)

Joined News Team 7-26-19

Joined GFX Team 8-5-19 

Transfer to Leviathan FA (L-SGT)

Name change to KSI New Blue

Promoted to Staff Sergeant by KSI xLucifer on 10-15-19 (L-SSGT)

Leviathan Member of The Week 10-29-19

Promoted to Lieutenant by KSI xLucifer on 11-5-19 (L-LT)

Split Leviathan into Hades 11-19-19

Transfer to Hades (H-LT)

KSI October Member of The Month

Hades Member of the Month December

Assigned as Wiki Team Lead by KSI Jt 7 on 1-26-20

Stepped down to Staff Sergeant on 2-1-20 (H-SSGT)

Left Clan-Ops on 2-2-20

Stepped down from Wiki Team Lead on 2-19-20

Re-joined Hades FA on 2-23-20 (H-SSGT)

Left Wiki Team 3-2-20

Hades Member of The Week 3-3-20

Promoted to Lieutenant by KSI Sanji on 3-3-20 (H-LT)

Promoted to Captain by KSI Sanji on 3-25-20 (H-CPT)

Promoted to Major by KSI xXLEGIONXx on 4-19-20 (H-MJR)

Promoted to General by KSI Icespot 7 on 4-26-20 (H-GEN)

Recruits: Lost track but well over 50 :)